The Free Association Curriculum

Our long form improv training is based on the FA curriculum which consists of six levels in total, in a structured path. Participants work their way up through the levels, adding to their skill set as they go. We consistently graduate more ‘complete’ performers, who are fully adept in the Free Association’s unique long-form style.

Each level has 24 hours of coursework, usually spread over eight three-hour sessions. Check our 8-week training Intro to long-form improv courses. The follow up improv comedy course is the Scenework and intro to game. We also offer intensive programs over four consecutive days. This gives a complete course in less than a week. Unsure? Take a taster! The Taster Classes will give you a great insight into what it’s like to train improvisation. This class runs from 19:00 – 22:00 (15:00 –18:00 on weekends) and costs €20, but should you decide to join a full class – we’ll deduct this from your fee!

At Boom Chicago, you’re never far away from a class!

Six Unique Levels of Improv Training in Amsterdam

1) INTRO TO IMPROV: Improv for beginners. No experience is necessary! Join for confidence, community or performance skills – this is where it all starts!

2) SCENEWORK AND INTRO TO GAME: Starting with scene fundamentals, acting in improv and an introduction to playing the ‘game of the scene’.

3) ADVANCED GAME (PERFORMANCE LEVEL): A deeper look into ‘game of the scene’. with a focus on initiating with premise, heightening the game and an introduction to forms.

4) HAROLD (PERFORMANCE LEVEL): Students will apply their skills to create unified, cohesive, hilarious and satisfying shows. Culminating in a public performance.

5) ADVANCED HAROLD (PERFORMANCE LEVEL): Mastering long-form techniques within the FA philosphy – Playing it real, expert heightening and advanced scene moves.


Mastering long-form techniques within the FA philosophy – Playing it real, expert heightening and advanced scene moves.