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Quick Details

General Admission

American Improv Showcase

Improvised Jane Austen and Chicago-style improv in one very funny hour!

Wheel of Austen brings a new Jane Austen-inspired novel to life as classic characters encounter new situations. Throughout each performance, audience members will spin the “Wheel of Austen” as the cast plays with the conventions of Jane Austen’s work in unexpected ways. Will there be a marriage proposal? Probably. Smelling salts? Sure! But there might also be a UFO landing. In this show, anything can happen.

The NCAACP (N-C-double A-C-P) is an improv group that combines the best parts of the NAACP (diversity) and the NCAA (diversity). This trio of POC performers will have you laughing from start to finish with comedy ranging from the relatable to the absurd. Come share a laugh with the NCAACP; comedy with seasoning.