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90s Flashbacks

Where were you in the 90s?
In the process of creating our new show, Sitcom, we’ve been looking back on the 90’s as inspiration. Sit back, grab some popcorn, and let the sweet, sweet memories of the 90s rush back.

Biddy Kemery

I was born in 1990. When you look at this photo you can see the core of my personality and that core is the derp. The derp is an exclamation of foolishness. For me, it’s a clown. Think Charlie Chaplin. These clowns know the rules, pretend they don’t and break them to make you laugh. They are much smarter than they seem but they are derpy. I embody derp. I always have.

a man holding a baby

This photo captures the 90s for me which I like to call “The Dawn of The Derp.” I’m about to derp my way through industrial strength sports goggles, one-day-expiration on boyfriends, many self-choreographed Spice Girl dances, trying to emulate the movie Now & Then, and acting in many anti-drug school assemblies (in itchy velvet dresses that matched the curtains).

Shout out to my dad’s mustache. All dads seemed to have this mustache in the 90s perhaps as a way to signal their paternal status the way Lyft cars wear mustaches for passengers to identify their cars.

Simon Feilder

Waterfalls mate. We’ve all seen one. Not impressed.

a man standing in front of a mountain

If there was an interview process for kids-who-could-become-emos in the naughties, this would be my application. I’m Not Okay (I Promise).

My adolescence dominated the nineties. At least as far as I was concerned. Apparently some other important things were happening around the world too. To this day people still argue about what the saddest loss of the 90s was: Princess Diana or my virginity.

As I transformed from cherubic child into nightmare on wax, so my musical taste morphed from MC Skat Kat to Messy Skate Kid. By the end of the nineties, my hair had grown almost as much as my confidence with girls. (ie the exact amount allowed by an all-boys school)

Sure, we all grow, physically and emotionally, but inside I’ll always be the puppy-faced kid in a GnR t-shirt standing on a precarious precipice while something naturally beautiful happens nearby that I am indignantly ignorant of. Which is actually a line from the unseen director’s cut of Notting Hill.


Simon Lukacs

You know what they say – if you remember the 90s… you’re very old.
The 90s saw me go from 8 years old to 18 years old – quite the formative period that saw me go from boy to man, and my fashion sense go from non-existent to equally non-existent – I started and ended the decade wearing mainly oversized jeans

If I was a character in a 90s high school movie I’d be a cross between the the theatre kid the quiet nerd – but the quiet nerd that wouldn’t shut up once you got him talking.
The things I was nerdy about during those heady days included Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, WWE (or WWF as it was then), comedy, music and movies.

a boy posing for a picture

A big historical moment in the 90s was the death of Princess Diana in 1997. It was one of those “where were you when it happened?” moments – in the same way that people talk about the Kennedy assassination. And I DO remember where I was – I was in bed and my dad woke me up and said “Princess Diana’s died” – it’s a lot easier to remember where you were when important things happen when you have someone wake you up and tell you.

I was also angsty and pretentious – so obviously my favourite 90s band was Radiohead. I still own a Radiohead t-shirt I bought in 1999… because I was and will always remain super cool.

In this school picture I’m posing with some logs. They weren’t my logs (God, I wish they were) – they were provided by the photographer.

Logs were huuuuge in the 90s – you literally couldn’t move for people getting their photo taken with logs – they were basically the Instagram filter of their day. Every kid wanted three things – a Super Nintendo, a Furby and a log. It was the era of Twin Peaks and every 10 year old boy wanted to be The Log Lady.

I still remember the Christmas of ’93 when all the stores sold out of logs – I cried for days – my mum had to go out to the woods and get one from a tree… but it wasn’t the same.

I also have a lovely head of hair in this picture… those were the days

Stacey Smith

a little girl smiling at the camera

Stacey Smith 90s

These are the most feminine photos of me from the 90s. The first one is from a holiday card. My mom dressed me in these heavy velvet dresses with itchy stockings and heavy bows in my hair.

The other one is from a “Barbie Party.” Yes, that’s eyeshadow on my eyes. Yes, my friends’ mom hand made all of the dresses for the party. These photos are probably the reason that five years down the road I was wearing hand me down JNCO jeans and my Charlotte Hornets’ Muggy Bogues jersey almost every day.





Matt Castellvi

Here’s a picture of me when I was a typical 90’s bad boy. That particular Halloween I went as corporate America.

a person wearing a costume