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During quarantine most people are looking for two things, entertainment and exercise. Look no further as Leslie Jones provides an abundant amount of both. The former SNL cast member recently premiered her first Netflix stand-up special, Time Machine, that is hilarious and super high energy (3 full minutes are dedicated to an all out solo dance performance). She bounces around the stage for the entire hour so much that by the end of it you feel like you got a workout yourself just watching.

Leslie Jones hitting a ball with a racket

Leslie Jones is my favorite type of entertainer. The way she approaches her special, she makes you feel like everything she has created was made to make herself laugh and remain positive and if you end up laughing and feeling positive too, that’s a big bonus. We immediately see why everyone is drawn to Leslie as she opens the special with some hilarious improvisation inspired by a soon-to-be-regretful audience member who decided to wear a cardigan and sit in the front row. Although it is not, the rest of the show feels like it was improvised because Leslie is incredibly authentic.

Sit back and let Leslie give you her whole self because you will still be left wanting more.

Writer Blog Comedy comedianby Lizz Kemery

Lizz Kemery is a comedian, actor, writer and true crime aficionado. She studied improv comedy at The Groundlings, The Upright Citizens Brigade and The Free Association. Originally from Philadelphia, she has also performed in Los Angeles, London and finally here in Amsterdam.

She was a reoccurring guest player with London super group – Shoot From The Hip and member of their sister troupe Sweet Nelson – teaching workshops all over the world including places like London and Istanbul.