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Boom Chicago welcomes Randy Feltface on November 18th – if you don’t know him now, you will soon remember his face – mainly because it’s purple.

Feltface is the beautifully realized alter ego of Australian comic and puppeteer Heath McIvor.  He’s been performing internationally for over 10 years, and in 2016 he received great acclaim when his show Randy Writes a Novel was nominated for Best Show at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards – one of, if not the, most prestigious prizes in comedy.

Randy’s wide eyed, purple headed, Sesame Street-esque appearance is deceptive – allowing McIvor to make some super smart observations about the human condition that are by turns polemical, melancholic and existential.  But it’s the amazing expressiveness of McIvor’s puppetry combined with his committed delivery that allows him to take you through themes that are touched by darkness, but while always staying charming and funny.

The result is a combination of a consistently hilarious stand-up show in the traditional sense, impressive puppetry and theatricality that proves that sometimes it takes a googly eyed little puppet to tell us some home truths about what it’s like to be a human.

Watch a segment from Randy Writes a Novel (strong language):


Writer Blog Comedyby Simon Lukacs

Simon Lukacs has made his great escape from Brexit Britain to join our cast in booming Amsterdam. He has been improvising for 7 years, and has performed with some of the best improvisers in the UK and beyond. He trained with The Second City, The Free Association, Monkey Toast and The Spontaneity Shop.

He has taught improv for The Free Association, one of London’s premier improv schools/ theaters. As a character comedian, Simon has taken two shows to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He has written for ITN in the UK, and appeared alongside critically acclaimed sketch act Massive Dad for BBC3.