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We are living in a great time for comedy. 2019 has already seen top Netflix specials from superstars like Kevin Hart, Wanda Sykes, Aziz Ansari, Bill Burr, Dave Chappelle and Amy Schumer. And now Seth Meyers joins that illustrious crowd with his new special Lobby Baby.

Those who saw Seth Meyers at Boom Chicago 25th Anniversary show at Carre, heard an early version of the story of the birth of his second child, delivered in the lobby of his apartment building. But that is only one of the highlights of the special. (His great Efteling material, unfortunately, did not make the special)

The show is rather straightforward with no bells and whistles or an opening sketch at the top. Just Seth telling jokes standing up in casual clothes. It’s nice to see him more smiley, and less businessy, than on his nightly show.

There are two themes that especially stand out. He contrasts his comedy-focused life with that of his more serious wife, a lawyer and former prosecutor. In addition to thoughtful jokes about their marriage and him as a husband, it sets up an all-time great finale. He closes the show with a ten minute set where he does stand up as her roasting him. So many details that we thought were throw away jokes turn out to be details for this finale. His brain and his style put into her voice is an incredible idea that he delivers with razor sharp execution.

The second, unique bit is something they could only do on Netflix. For a political section in the middle which goes after Trump, he gives viewers the option to ‘skip politics’ and a button appears. The section was so funny to watch and then so funny to go back and skip. Such a clever concept, and a joke so well executed.

This special starts good, gets better, and ends big! Even if you don’t remember Seth from his Boom Chicago days, this is a great special.


Andrew comedyby Andrew Moskos

Andrew loves innovative projects and business opportunities. He is Boom Chicago’s artistic director, and directs shows with a focus on politics, technology, Dutch society and improvisation. He created the Boom Chicago Academy which currently has 100 students learning and performing improvisation.

Andrew is a host, trainer, writer and speaking coach for corporate events and conferences. He also designs Boom Chicago’s escape rooms and other innovative ways to tell stories.