Oh to be young and in love. Or as we say in 2020, ‘Oh to be young and desperately confused about every small aspect of life including the random re-surfacing of childhood traumas.’

While the sound of being ‘in your 20s’ has long-since suggested a bright-eyed air of curiosity, new beginnings, and potential, the 25 year-old Taylor Tomlinson reminds everyone why this period of our lives is only seemingly responsibility-free. Being in your 20s means you still suck too much for anyone to expect much from you. In her 1-hour Netflix special, appropriately titled ‘Quarter-Life Crisis’, Tomlinson offers her refreshing perspective on a time period riddled with humiliation and mistakes. From delving into what can be brought to the table as a 25 year-old, (What am I able to bring to a potluck dinner? Dry napkins) to realizing how absurd the events of her childhood actually were (not everyone gets tied up in the yard?), Tomlinson takes you to a time before you had a gut to listen to, because the fat hadn’t formed there yet.

Taylor tomlinson

The comedy special touches on the hilarity of life choices made by a pre-adult, post-teenager, but as Tomlinson stands on a stage in front of hundreds of laughing faces, you are shown first-hand how this hilarity can be harnessed and embraced. In between belly laughs, there was just enough time for me to ponder how Taylor has her own Netflix stand-up special at only 25 years old. Whether you are Gen Z or Gen X, Tomlinson serves up a little something for everyone. Check out her special on Netflix now.



by Julia Plott