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Boom for Business Live: Three Cheers for Dysfunctional Teams

Pep Rosenfeld hosts a unique evening with the leadership team from De Transformatie Groep. Together they present a serious and funny program with out of the box thinking about work teams.

Dysfunctional teams are a challenge in both definitions of the word. They are a challenge, as in difficult, putting our patience and good nature to the test. Bad communication and bad culture are draining, and output is stunted. And if you don’t know who the problem is… it might be you!

Dysfunctional Teams are also a challenge as in a quest. That’s good. In many cases, the only way is up, both in output and joy. Support your superstar mavericks. Build on the good. Improve your culture of trust. Soon you will start a virtuous cycle and life is better for everyone.

Boom Chicago’s Pep Rosenfeld and De Transformatie Groep team up for an interactive evening about how to build up the trust that is the foundation of successful teams and what to save and even nurture in a dysfunctional team.

17:00: Arrive for drinks and snacks in the bar
17:30: The program starts
18:45: End of the program,  networking and drinks continue in the bar

Three Cheers for Dysfunctional Teams follows the exciting Bluffing Your Way to Success in the Boom for Business Live series.

Boom Chicago for Business creates events and campaigns for most big and medium companies in Europe. Boom Chicago uses humor to train and inspire individuals and teams. Boom Chicago can help win over sceptics and encourage and support the leaders who believe. They create impactful content, support messages and make people laugh. Because life is better when you laugh.

De Transformatie Groep helps speeding up transformation processes in organisations to bring a human future closer. They create breakthroughs in Strategy, Leadership and Team Development. Building trust in teams is the key to these breakthroughs. Trust enables open dialogue to produce crucial new insights and commitment. Clients include large corporations, professional service partnerships, retail, media companies, scale-ups and NGOs.

Pep Rosenfeld is one of the industry’s most sought-after event hosts, keynote speakers and trainers. He gets to follow his passion daily: Using comedy to make hard-to-communicate messages land and stick.

Pep hosts high profile events like the Nordic Business Forum (where he made Barack Obama laugh) and high stakes business events for more than a thousand international companies. He was also nominated for an Emmy for his writing on America’s long-running television show, Saturday Night Live. When anyone says ‘nominated,’ it means they didn’t win.

This event takes place at Boom Chicago on the Rozengracht (Rozengracht 117, Amsterdam).