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Who would have thought we would miss hotel banquet food? A chicken breast dinner with baby potatoes served with peas, carrots and green beans sound pretty delicious right now!

Well you can’t have that this year because there is a pandemic. Luckily Boom Chicago has something even better: The Tailored Digital Holiday Show. This is a fun and interactive program you experience together with your colleagues, but at home on your laptop. It’s got lots of laughs and surprises and you don’t have to drive home afterwards!

Using the strengths of the digital medium, this is a comedy-driven event, celebrating your company and the people who work there. Actually it’s a celebration and a roast. We’ll even make fun of your boss, to your boss’s face, and she has to pay for the whole thing! Now that’s team building! With fun, laughs, food, drinks and even ‘interactivites,’ this is the best company event ever… that’s possible in 2020. Next year, we’re all going back to the van de Valk! Would you please pass the butter? Mmmm, cold hotel butter.

We offer four different options:


We create a 15-20 minute tailored comedy ‘roast’ that takes a tongue-in-cheek look at your company, your industry, the team and your partners.

We research the people, projects and strategy to present a stand up routine about your company and your year. We respectfully poke fun at themes and subjects about your event and celebrate success by highlighting noteworthy achievements.

At the end we ‘toast’ individuals in attendance and give key players a brief moment in the spotlight. Everyone will love a show about them.

A Digital Roast and Toast requires a writer, comedian and a technician.

Briefing and Script Writing

We write the sketch based on a briefing we receive from you beforehand based on your answers to our questionnaire. A short phone call follows to flesh out any issues and go deeper. We will show you the content for approval and will make changes. You approve all scripts in advance.

This Project Includes

  • Concept creation for one 15-20 minute script that includes both roast and toast of the company and people
  • Script review and revision rounds
  • Briefing meeting with our writer
  • One Boom Chicago actor to perform the script
  • Project management
Digital Roast and Toast


This exciting show is perfect for events that want a longer performance. The Digital Show builds on the Digital Roast and Toast by adding Boom Chicago’s famous improv comedy. It lasts about an hour.

Based on the answers to our questionnaire, we schedule a (phone, zoom or in person) meeting with our writer. That information is turned into original scripted material, and if your material lends itself to, an original  sketch. To that we add interactive improvisation scenes that are based on suggestions for the at home audience. Some material comes from the chat and key (or random) members of your company are interviewed and their answers are incorporated in scenes.

The team for a Digital Show is a writer, three actors and a technician.

This Project Includes

  • Concept creation for one 15-20 minute script that includes both roast and toast of the company and people;
  • Script review and revision rounds;
  • Briefing meeting with our writer;
  • Three Boom Chicago actors to perform the scripts and 40-45 minutes of improvisation comedy with a improvising musician;
  • Project management
Pep Rosenfeld holding a glass of wine


More than just entertainment, our Digital Event uses comedy to accomplish something bigger. We will co-create a unique and high energy event that combines company messages, presentations, and team building activities, while making people laugh. The tone is both serious and fun! We will impress your audience and surprise them in this event which can last anywhere from two hours to a half day.

Depending on the goals and audience of the event, Boom Chicago can do all or some of the following:

  • Create momentum leading up to the big day with humorous video content and invitations;
  • Host the event including possible Q & A sessions between the participants and presenters;
  • Start with a big bang of lights, music and energy. Set the tone and set up the messages;
  • Split participants into groups for smaller discussions and activities;
  • Facilitate networking and social opportunities for participants;
  • Use a ‘chat manager’ in feedback moments to ensure questions are received, and served up to the group at the right moments (with no lag or going ‘let me find a good one, uuuuuuhh.’);
  • Write and deliver an exciting wrap up session;

This Project Includes

  • Concept creation for the event including activity designing
  • Briefing and planning meeting(s);
  • Writing the opening, wrap up, energizers and other content;
  • Script review and revision rounds;
  • Up to three Boom Chicago actors to host, perform, run breakout sessions or alternative tracks;
  • A musician to give the event energy;
  • Project management
a person standing in a room


A Digital Celebration is bigger than a Digital Event with more wow and more emotion. This is what you want to make a real impression with your audience and truly connect. This is the best way to celebrate your accomplishments or a great year.

We will work with you to create a unique event that impacts your audience in the real and digital space. In addition to a state-of-the-art digital event, this event can coordinate home deliveries, food, drinks and moments to share together. Surprise one or more winners with real-time live visits to their homes to give them deserved praise or awards. A well planned Digital Celebration can truly move people and connect them to your messages and company.

A Digital Celebration can last anywhere from two hours to a whole day.

Characteristics of a Digital Celebration 

  • Bigger budget
  • Most special
  • Surprising Moments
  • Inspiring Networking and Team Building Moments
  • More Interactive
  • More Creativity
  • More Tailored Activities
  • Eating and drinking together (apart)
Digital Show

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