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(WebEx less so…)

Boom Chicago’s Digital development programs are fun and can bond you team together even if they work apart. These days we can accomplish quite a lot with Zoom and Teams. Uh, Webex is also a video communication platform.

Boom Chicago trainings can have many goals: Some are literally (virtual) team building exercises. Some programs challenge participants to improve their presentation, pitching and creativity skills. Still others are for companies who want to motivate (digital) teams and leaders who want to be more inspiring.

Boom Chicago for Business


Digital sessions business

Presenting anywhere takes work. But presenting digitally comes with its own challenges. Yes you’re relaxed at home… but so is your audience. So it’s never been more important to deliver your content in an engaging way. We can help you and your team:

  • Start strong, end stronger and be emotionally connected to your material
  • Make sure your shared screen supports the big idea of your presentation
  • Hone your (upper) body language and eye contact with the camera
  • Make sure the background and set-up are right
  • Stress words and organize your points in a way that grabs attention. There are many remote distractions for an audience.
  • Think on your feet and roll with the punches when the unexpected happens


A two-hour interactive, program to help teams collaborate and work better together while working remotely. For teams of up to 18 people working apart.

Work goes on post pandemic. Let’s give you and your team the tools to navigate and collaborate when people are more spread out than ever. This innovative program strengthens collaboration skills, a positive outlook and having fun. Specifically, we teach the tools to help your team:

  • Ask the right questions and listen to all voices to find answers
  • Keep a calm head, prioritize and get your message out
  • Be open to share ideas and feedback
  • Decide and act quickly
  • Work together to maintain a positive environment where innovation (and even humor) can thrive

We tailor lesson plans based on the specific needs of teams. Here are sample activities of what a session could include:

Create a Collaborative Environment: ‘Yes And’ Teamwork

Groups of three and sent to Zoom breakout rooms. There they plan a party and see how the process differs with teammates who respond, ‘No, I think…’ versus ‘Yes, but…’ and ‘Yes, and….’

Online events business

People will experience the benefits of a ‘Yes-and’ environment and learn tricks to act that way more often. We also discuss when ‘yes-but’ and ‘no’ are the same thing. When are they different? How does ‘yes-and’ inspire innovation and collaboration and encourage that all voices are heard?

Conducted Story

Using active listening and co-creation, the group creates a connected story together. The storytelling is ‘conducted’ by the facilitator who switches from person to person, sometimes in mid-sentence. To succeed, the team has to give up the idea that they control the story and build on what is actually being said.

Think Fast/Act Fast

This three-part activity is designed to give practice in using the data available to solve problems quickly.

First, participants write a story and insert problems their teammates must solve in real time. They can add any details as long as it doesn’t contradict any story details so far.

Second, we explain a problem where not all details are available. By asking questions, and using the facts they have, groups of four or five solve the problem as best they can. Afterwards we compare notes on the process and solutions.

Finally, we bring up a real workplace problem. The team breaks up into separate meeting rooms to quickly use all the tools discussed during the day to come up with actual, workable solutions. People are surprised how good the generated ideas are.

Follow up Videos

Keep the learning going after the session is over! We can create follow up videos to send your team two to six weeks after the session to reinforce the skills we worked on. These videos will be tailor-made for you and your team, so we can refer to specific, memorable moments from the session.


A half-day interactive, digital program to help leadership teams understand, manage and inspire their people through change. We use videoconferencing technology for up to 18 people from different locations.

2020 is a year of dramatic change and leading teams during uncertain times brings specific challenges. Boom Chicago dynamic program can help your leaders work on the skills they will need to guide their people through this. The skills we address:

  • Take stock where individual teammates are in accepting and working with (new) situations.
  • Use clear, engaging storytelling to explain what is happening and what people can expect.
  • Create new ideas through ‘yes and’ brainstorming
  • Focus on how to be an engaging and inspiring leader

We tailor lesson plans based on the specific needs of teams. Here are sample activities of what a session could include:

Set the Stage

Based on your input, we write a tailored opening that touches on the issues facing leadership and frames the situation as it currently is. Humor is a great tool to open closed mental doors and let new information come in. You approve all scripts.

What are Your Team’s Attitudes? The Change Curve

We examine people’s attitudes about the change. What are the different positions on the change curve? How do you deal differently with denial, resistance, curiosity and hope? What are the tactics to use to win over skeptics? How does the individual teammate’s attitude shape the story you tell them?

Use Language for Maximum Impact: Keep it Simplea group of people sitting in front of a computer screen

A look at communicating clearly and concisely. Explaining the situation, the changes and what lies ahead. What are you telling your people? Why is this happening and what can people expect? Can you tell the story in an honest, clear and reassuring way?

Follow up Videos

Keep the learning going after the session is over! We can create follow up videos to send your team two to six weeks after the session to reinforce the skills we worked on. These videos will be tailor-made for you and your team, so we can refer to specific, memorable moments from the session.



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”Absolutely no way we could have done this without you”

Thank you for all your hard work, for the great laughs, a great event and all the excitement. It's been a blast and there's absolutely no way we could have done this without you.

– Rachid Finge, Communications Manager - Google Nederland
”An outstanding job, clearly one of the highlights!”

Thanks a million for your team’s fantastic performance at our conference. Your team did an incredible job translating our strategy into comedy. It would be impossible for it to have gone any better. They did an outstanding job, and were clearly one of the highlights. The feedback from our top managers was great.

– Tom Schaefer, DHL
“We've been working together for a decade and they keep amazing me! ”

What a pleasure to organise the first hybrid event for Topcon Positioning Group with Boom Chicago. Thanks Andrew Moskos for yet another great job.

– Heleen Konermann, Channel Events Manager EMEA – Topcon Xperience Cannes
“Thanks for reminding us that a healthy dose of humor is helpful in all aspects of life”

It was wonderful to be with you at the Inaugural Global Advisory Leadership Forum event in London. Your Leading with Improvisation presentation was a great close out to our program. The troupe’s skills are impressive and the leaders said it was a high point in the overall program. Superb energy and commitment!

– Norman Lonergan, Global Vice Chair – Advisory, EY
”The session got everyone going and thinking differently”

We really appreciated the session. Especially in the context of the two days, it was very useful!

– Chris MacDonald – Heineken
”You helped us develop as a team!”

Thanks again for your great support during our meeting. You helped us greatly!

– Marc de Vries – Parkmobile
”Fantastic workshop in Athens!”

Thanks very much for the fantastic workshop in Athens. We got GREAT feedback from our colleagues.

– Mimi Chen – TP Vision Europe (Philips TV and Audio)