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Quick Details

VIB Seat Very Important Butts
Couch for two Best Seats
General Admission
General Admission Students Valid with Student ID
General Admission CJP Valid with CJP card
General Admission UVA Valid with Student ID
Academy Students For Boom Chicago Academy students

Improv Spectacular

Enjoy 28 years of Boom comedy innovation in one show! This fast-paced funny night features our top cast making you (and themselves) laugh while waiters bring drinks to your table. The evening starts with short-form improv and games with rules, bells, and lots of audience suggestions. We need a job and a movie-style! Ding. Let’s go!

Then after a break, our long-form improvisation creates a brand new whole world of characters, scenes, and funny situations based on stories inspired by just one word. You will be amazed! After the show, on many nights we present a free third act where we test new material for our new show. Bring your friends and enjoy a great night at Boom Chicago! Ding ding ding!