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CJP seat General admission
(Academy) Student General admission
General admission
VIB Seat Very Important Butt
Couch For Two
4 for 3 deal Buy 3 tickets and get the 4th free!

Amsterdam’s Improv Comedy Show

Boom Chicago’s late night show is the best way to start your lockdown-free life (hopefully forever). Boom’s cast and special guests turn into comedy bartenders to create delicious shots for you! Shot of Improv is Boom Chicago’s fully improvised comedy show!

You decide how crazy the show gets, and to keep the craziness going, we offer a free shot for a good suggestion! This is a full two-act show with intermission — 75 minutes of quick thinking and big laughs, and then it’s all gone. Come see what the best improv comedians in Amsterdam can do!

The entire Boom Chicago cast performs and is in a party mood. You sit over here. We sit over there. You’re drinking. We’re drinking. You’re paying for your drinks. We’re not… Aah the good post-lockdown life!

Safe seating, drinking and mask use in the theater
Masks are required while entering and walking through the theater. At your table, you may take your mask off and enjoy the show and drink. We seat parties with space between groups. On the balcony, there are shields between most parties. Please follow our one way traffic in and out of the theater and balcony.

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