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A throwback to the 90s | Boom Chicago's Brand New Comedy Show

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The 90s Will Never Die!

Sitcom, Boom Chicago’s hysterical new comedy show, is a throwback to the 90s when any TV problem could be solved in a half an hour… including the commercials. You know the format: a group of (beautiful) friends hung out in the same locations and got into realistically unrealistic situations. Cameras captured the action and the ‘live studio audience’ knew when to laugh, applause and go ooooh. Boom Chicago celebrates the glory days of the 1990s from which these iconic sitcoms came! Come enjoy the music, fashion and news from a simpler era of Friends, het Zonnetje in Huis and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. As a finale, each night, together with the audience, the actors will create a brand new Sitcom and shoot a short pilot episode.

In the process, we will try to figure out why these shows have enduring appeal. Is it nostalgia for a simpler time before 9/11? Is it a nice escapism when everything resets each week to how it was? Or do we just lower standards? In any case Sitcom, like its 90s inspirations, will be a lot of fun. #The90sWillNeverDie

Artistic Director Andrew Moskos’ new project follows on the footsteps of 2019’s The Future is Here…And it is Slightly Annoying and 2018’s Bango! which tackled themes of artificial intelligence and long form improvisation. He is also directing a new political comedy in 2020 for the US presidential elections, following Boom Chicago’s 2016 longest running hit Trump Up the Volume.

Sitcom is written by and stars Matt Castellvi, Simon Feilder, Lizz Kemery, Simon Lukacs, and Stacey Smith. Light and sound tech design plus live technical improvisation comes from Emil Struijker-Boudier. Musical production and live improvisational accompaniment by Sacha Hoedemaker.

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Have dinner at Boom Chicago

Come early and come hungry! We’re setting up a pop-up kitchen and serving delicious snacks and dinners made with local ingredients. Our full dinners and fresh snacks will please both vegetarians and meat lovers. Food must be pre-ordered in advance (up to 48 hours before showtime) and not on the night.