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Amsterdam’s Entirely Improvised English Comedy Show

Long Form Improvisation is the Next Level

In 1993, Boom Chicago brought improvisation to Amsterdam. Now, more than 25 years later, we’re bringing long-form improvisation to a mainstream audience. The sharp and talented Boom Chicago cast creates new scenes, stories, and songs inspired by a monologue or a suggestion — and each other. We’re having fun on stage, and when we make ourselves laugh, audiences laugh even harder!

Sunday Night Live is the creation and performance of a comedy play that only has one performance. The comedy unfolds more thoughtfully as the improvised threads weave themselves into something unique, surprising, and always funny. The joy is to understand how one scene inspires the next. Sunday Night Live creates improv fans and many people come back every week. Since each show is totally different, it is habit-forming!

The Sunday vibe at Boom Chicago is different from the rest of the week. While the normal Boom Chicago comedy show is lightning fast and full of technical tricks, Sunday Night Live is more laid back and relaxed. It’s the perfect end to your weekend!

Book your tickets now; you might inspire our next SNL show!

We have seats for families, seats apart, and social seating (with see-through safety shields so you can hang out with your non-quarantine friends as well). Your group sits together, but we keep every group separate from each other. One way traffic, big open spaces and a very smart seating layout.

Community nights: every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month

Sundays are our community nights and every second and fourth Sunday of the month we will have Boom Academy’s first Harold team, Grover, performing an opening act. On those days, your ticket for Sunday Night Live will give you access to the entire evening of comedy:

19:00 Grover, Boom Academy’s first Harold team
19:35 break
19:50 Boom Chicago cast
21:00 Show ends

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