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Amsterdam’s Entirely Improvised English Comedy Show

In 1993, Boom Chicago brought improvisation to Amsterdam. Now, almost 25 years later, we’re taking comedy in Amsterdam to the next level: long-form improvisation. The Boom Chicago cast creates new scenes, stories, and songs inspired by a monologue or a suggestion — and each other. Come see what happens!

If you want to experience some unique improv comedy in Amsterdam, Sunday Night Live is the comedy show for you. And when the show is over, that story and those characters are gone forever. You have witnessed the creation and performance of a comedy play that only has one performance. Ever.

The comedy unfolds more patiently as the improvised threads weave themselves into something unique, surprising, and always funny. Sunday Night Live is intended for improv fans and lovers, but beware: since each show is totally different, anyone who sees it may find it habit-forming…

Sundays at Boom Chicago have a different vibe from the rest of the week. While the normal Boom Chicago comedy show is lightning fast and full of technical tricks, Sunday Night Live takes it easy. It’s more laid back, more relaxed, and a bit more involving. You watch each improv move, understand what inspired it, and see how it inspires the next.

Each Sunday Night Live show is truly one of a kind in a way even our other shows aren’t. These longer stories, scenes, and songs are not just inspired by suggestions but by each other. That means that even if the starting line is the same, the show goes in places that previous shows have just never gone.

Book your tickets now; you might inspire our next SNL show!

This improv comedy show is entirely in English. The show lasts over one hour, starting at 19:00. Doors open 30 minutes before showtime. Select your date and then click “Book” for prices. Note that for same-day purchases, tickets are available online only until 17:30. If you want to purchase same-day tickets after 17:30, you must purchase your tickets at our bar. Why not come early to enjoy a drink?

Note that Sunday Night Live is held in The Upstairs Theater, which is not wheelchair accessible.