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Boom Chicago’s New Comedy Show

Boom Chicago’s new show, The Future Is Here… And It Is Slightly Annoying, is about technology, and it also uses technology in a groundbreaking way. We create an AI improvising comedy robot that is able to learn as it performs, and it joins the cast on stage for a scene. You don’t want to miss this unique integration of technology into improv comedy.

Our machine uses a combination of natural language processing (that’s how Siri and Alexa can understand you) together with a deep neural network (trained with very specific forms of situational comedy). The goal is to develop a form of AI that knows how to improvise and act on stage with our actors. Can you use artificial intelligence to teach a robot to be funny? We’re working on it right now. Will the cast of Boom Chicago still have a job after this new show? Come see.

This innovative show is a comedy exploration of technology and what it means for us humans. As artificial intelligence, big data, and face recognition go from buzzwords to real life, will this lead to a future of pleasantly targeted ads or will our robot overlords replace us at work and at home?

In the meantime, get ready to hop in your self driving car, get the latest information from the blockchain, and enjoy what has been teased for so many years and will finally arrive in 2019: virtual reality… followed shortly by virtual reality pornography.

Our first production after our 25th anniversary last July continues the tradition of technologically innovative shows. In 2000, Boom Chicago brought cameras, screens, and live internet into the theater. Live at the Leidseplein, Your Privacy Is Our Business established Boom Chicago as an early, global pioneer of technology in a comedy show.

In 2006 Me, MySpace and iPod furthered the boundaries of technology, and the show was hailed by, among others, Henk van Gelder from the NRC Handelsblad: ‘Boom Chicago has created an entire new form of theater, call it digital comedy.’ With Social Media Circus in 2011, the Boom Chicago cast addressed the global phenomenon of social media and how it would transform our society.

Andrew Moskos, artistic director and co-founder: ‘We are at the cusp of a new revolution: Data-driven automation will disrupt work, life, health and love. It holds the promise of pleasure and freedom, while also contributing to isolation, fear and mass unemployment. Or none of this will happen because technology never delivers on its promises.’

Technology and Creativity:

This is our most exciting and ambitious show yet with three exciting technology partners. Nodes Agency, Data Science Labs and Botnik each created artificial intelligence technology for a different piece in the show. Read more about our Technology Partners.

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This improv comedy show is entirely in English. The show lasts around two hours, including intermission. The show starts at 20:30 Wednesdays through Fridays, and at 20:00 on Saturdays. Click a date on the calendar for further information, then click “Book” for prices. The bar is buzzing with people from 18:30 to 19:00, so why not come early to enjoy a drink?