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Tragedy Plus Time

“When I explained to a friend recently that the subject matter of most comedy is tragic he said, ‘Do you mean to tell me that the dreadful events of the day are a fit subject for humorous comment?’ The answer is ‘No, but they will be pretty soon’”… I guess you can make a mathematical formula out of it. Tragedy plus time equals comedy.” STEVE ALLEN

Join the cast of Boom Chicago as they try to make light of the darker and more serious aspects of life – sharing their most painful and personal experiences, memories and thoughts and then mining them for comic inspiration and present an entire show of improvised sketches and characters plucked from this dark source material.

The cast will share stories and thoughts about the big one – DEATH – how it has affected and shaped them, and their real life experiences and fears.

Some moments in life can be hard, and cruel, and meaningless, but can these moments also be the catalyst for comedy? The Boom Chicago players have the unenviable task of finding out in TRAGEDY PLUS TIME. Expect bathos, pathos, hubris, sadness, laughter, and maybe even some catharsis*

*Catharsis not guaranteed.

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