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Live streaming from Amsterdam | One complete show in three parts

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Trump Up the Volume starting at

Trump Up the Volume: Social Distancing Edition

Watch the Live Stream Replay. Clips and full shows below. Live streaming from Boom Chicago’s theater in Amsterdam. One complete show in three parts.



Pep Rosenfeld and Greg Shapiro have been making people laugh about news and politics for 20 years in Amsterdam. Trump Up the Volume is their first live streaming show.

With a huge theater, a tiny crew, and no audience, and everyone 1,5 meters apart, this will be the funniest, most topical show ever done live in a pandemic, while following Prime Minister Rutte’s rules.

In the midst of everything, we’re still having an election and people need to laugh and be engaged. Democrats say Joe Biden is the candidate to beat Donald Trump, or is he just the least bad option? Bernie Sanders is out, but some of his followers didn’t seem to notice. Welcome to democracy, American style!

On the other side, Donald Trump, lacking empathy, sees the coronavirus as an attack on him. Will his supporters follow his lead over the experts? They have ‘alternative facts.’ Too bad they don’t have alternative parents who are immune to the virus.

Using stand-up comedy and improvisation, Pep Rosenfeld, Greg Shapiro and director Andrew Moskos present the final performance of the (unfortunately) longest running show in Boom Chicago’s history. It was supposed to end in 2016, when Hillary Clinton became president… Instead it ends now.

This creative team has created seven critically acclaimed political shows on Boom Chicago’s stage since 2001 including Bye Bye BushThere’s No Such Thing as Sinterklaas, and 9/11 Forever.

In addition to their work at Boom Chicago, Pep Rosenfeld was also nominated for an Emmy for his work at Saturday Night Live and Greg Shapiro was the voice of Donald Trump in Arjen Lubach’s viral smash America First, The Netherlands Second.

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CLIP: Trump swears she was legal

CLIP: We could have gotten rid of Donald Trump...

Episode 1: Live Stream Show - Trump Up the Volume

EPISODE 2: Live Stream Show - Trump Up the Volume

EPISODE 3: Live Stream Show - Trump Up the Volume