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We are looking for a marketing expert to join our team at Boom Chicago

Be part of something people really like! With 27 year of history, Boom Chicago has launched the careers of many famous stars and made more than a million people laugh. After work, see a great comedy show and enjoy a drink. It’s nice that your workplace has its own bar!

Location: Amsterdam
Job Type: Full time 40 hours a week
Years of Experience: 4 Years or more
Level of Education: HBO niveau
Required Language: fluent in spoken and written Dutch and English
Salary: Dependent on experience
Starting Date : ASAP
Job Level: Mid Career (4+ years of experience)
Reports to: CEO Saskia Maas

Boom Chicago Audience

Who are you?

You are someone who strives to be the best at what you do – whether cheering for your favorite team or working on a project for your job. You are motivated, creative, and inspire a positive working culture, while being knowledgeable about entertainment, social media, business, technology, and pop culture. You are a leader with your circle of friends and family and are a source of information and opinions. You like the intersection of your passions and your profession. You love working in a dynamic environment where ideas move quickly and there is always something going on that requires your attention and energy.

What’s the role?

Our Marketing Manager is a key member of the sales team consisting of the marketing assistant, the sales&events manager, sales support, the CEO and Artistic Director. Everybody works together to bring marketing initiatives to life that have a real impact on the bottom line. The goal is to build Boom Chicago fans and engage them to take action that leads to sales.
With a focus on social/digital/loyalty marketing, our marketing manager connects Boom Chicago with our international audience of Dutch people, expats and hip tourists who want to be among the locals. The role also requires excellent writing skills in both Dutch and English.

  • Work closely with the sales team to develop comprehensive social media and marketing campaigns via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and future platforms that lead to increased sales.
  • Grow fans, friends and followers to increase our promotional and marketing reach.
  • Develop channels that encourage engagement (Boom Chicago’s blog, other content).
  • Turn engagement into ticket sales. Engagement without sales has no value.  
  • Increase our audience among tourists. Make them want to come to Boom Chicago before they arrive in the Netherlands.
  • Work with Co-owner and Artistic Director Andrew Moskos to create the online voice of Boom Chicago and increase fan base by creating a conversation between Boom and our audience.
  • Convey concepts and information in a succinct and visually compelling way.
  • Stand behind your (social media) campaigns to demonstrate that they work and the money is well spent, using insightful reporting.
  • Use the season, holidays and the calendar to make campaigns that break through the noise and resonate with people.
  • Use all channels at your disposal including the website, flyers, posters, the front of the building, the inside of the building.
  • Target existing guests, business clients, improv students to get repeat business from these customers.
  • Use the mailing list for maximize efficiency with attention for onboarding, plus one week, plus one month, etc for each member.
  • Support, guide, help marketing assistant with tasks. Review and share relevant feedback for improvement and growth.
  • Notice when things are out of date and fixes and updates things regularly.
  • Position includes some administration duties.

Position Requirements:

  • A degree in marketing with knowledge of the principles of advertising and digital marketing.
  • Believes in the strength of ‘brands’ and be a maniacal advocate for making Boom a hot brand with an international audience of Dutch, expat and hip tourists.
  • Passion for entertainment, going out, trends, business and technology.
  • Expertise in the digital space, including social media platforms.
  • An awareness of new products, websites, and blogs.
  • Ability to write creatively in English and Dutch.
  • Great communication skills and an ability to work with other departments.
  • Great presentation skills to explain and sell creative concepts. 
  • Resourceful self-starter, with a can-do attitude that thrives in a fast-paced environment.
  • Strategic thinking and willing to bring fresh, innovative ideas to life.
  • Flexible in meeting tight deadlines and can react to ‘last minute’ changes. 
  • A positive attitude and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Please send your application to Sjouke Cappendijk, PA of CEO Saskia Maas: [email protected]