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Working at a theater with a bar is better than just a bar. Every night is different, our clientele and team are fun and let's be honest: It's nice to have comedians around.


‘Thanks again for this week. So much fun. What a great vibe. Compliments to all the staff. They are so friendly and professional.’ September 2021 — Arjen Lubach  

‘I love working with two inspiring owners. When I pitch ideas, they usually say yes and I have the freedom to execute them.’ — Nicolette Ascherman, Sales and Event Manager Boom Chicago  

‘If you don’t turn down the volume, I’m calling the police’ Bitchy Neighbor

a group of people in a room


AMSTERDAM – LGI Spark! at Boom Chicago Event.
© 2017 Foto: Nils van Houts

Our head of horeca should be a sales-focused, self-motivated team player, blah blah fucking blah. The same shit as every job description. Don’t run out of beer. Don’t be a dick, etc. That’s the easy part. What we are looking for is someone who gets Boom Chicago. In addition to running a bar and a business, we are a creative place that does lots of different things. It’s not just the same job in and out.

Comedy is at the center of what we do. We mount our own Boom Chicago shows and host visiting comedians. Comedians are funny people to work with and humor is part of our DNA. Life is better when you laugh! We also program external performers, events, our annual comedy festival, parties, classes and cool things. The owners are the same for 28 years and are still active in the place and inspiring to us all.  

We are looking for people with ideas. The principle of improvisation is ‘yes and’ and we believe that. Boom Chicago is the place where bartenders take improv classes and run a club  night. Where a new way of increasing sales can be invented, refined and tried in a week.  

Since we have three zalen we do lots of shows of various quality and goals. Good ideas can come from everywhere including you and your team. Have an idea for a night? Let’s try it. Have a big idea that can sell 350 tickets, let’s put it in the big house. Medium ideas go upstairs and you and your friends clowning around for your friends in the attic. Sure let’s try it twice.

We are willing to pay more to get more. We do high stakes business events that need attention to detail and we have salsa nights and a male strip show because why not? And the women who watch love to drink. 

It’s too early to talk about the future, but we like working with people we like. If there is a  click, we would be looking forward to making a commitment to key people and sharing in future profits. Or if you leave for a new job, we hope it’s better than Boom Chicago. We have  said goodbye to great people for almost 30 years and we are proud to see them succeed after  the work with us.  

We are looking for you to raise our standards from a well-run clubhouse to a professionally  run venue with excellent service, a motivated staff and a profitable bottom line. You need to lead by example and be behind the bar yourself, because what sort of leader wouldn’t?  


Daily operations and organizational effectiveness:  

  • Runs the nights, the team and the sales.
  • Delivers excellent customer experience according to the strategy the company defined.
  • Plans, staffs and oversees special events with a different schedule.
  • Represents the horeca department at operations meetings.
  • Help the owners to sleep better.

Horeca sales and logistics:

  • Focuses on how to increase sales and drink per capita/visitors on a daily basis and sets clear goals (SMART) for the team.
  • Comes up with ideas and plans for new customers, connections and events in cooperation with the sales and marketing department.
  • Never preside over any stupid ‘Dutch service moments.’ Understand why we say, ‘I’ll be  right with you,’ instead of pretending not to see them.
  • Hates bad service in other places.
  • Orders and manages stock.

Financial management:

  • Reports drink sales, staffing costs and other financial information.
  • Build on a sales and business awareness culture among the staff.
  • Sell an extra round of drinks, duh!
  • Records stock monthly and focuses on keeping stock costs down.
  • Threads the staffing needle so we are neither over or understaffed.

Personnel Management: 

  • Hires new staff members.
  • Trains staff with Boom Chicago’s DNA, work mentality and sales culture. Holds regular performance reviews
  • Creates and implements rewards and incentives, in line with the long term plan; Sets up trainings to inspire and motivate the staff.
  • Makes your team laugh!

Interested: please apply to [email protected]