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Launching a new strategy can be hard. How do you communicate it to the team in a way that excites and engages them? How can you make sure people not only hear your message, but that it lands and is internalized?

Boom Chicago will help make sure the launch is a success! Our sharp, tailored humor allows you to talk about the past, the present and the future while addressing the team’s concerns or worries in a manageable way. Our interactive keynotes and activities allow the team to internalize the new strategy and communicate it themselves with confidence and commitment. And finally, our polished event hosts will keep your launch energized, positive and professional.

Make sure your new strategy launch is a memorable, successful and fun event! Fill out the form below so we can begin working on your launch together. We look forward to getting started!


Oracle Case Study

The Brief: We co-created a day-long program with Oracle’s EMEA Inside Sales team. The goal was to communicate the new sales strategy to the sales teams in a way that was clear, engaging and set the team up to be able to explain the strategy and how to implement it in their own words.

The Execution: Our program made what could’ve been a dull day into a fun, memorable one. Over three weeks, the program ran in Dubai, Berlin, Dublin, Prague, Malaga and Moscow. In each city we helped solved technical and program problems that came up due to the local technicians. It wasn’t in the brief, but we can’t help solving problems!

The Response: Take a look for yourself. Spoiler Alert: it went great!

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