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Start time: 20:00

The Amsterdam Revue ~ Nostalgia

Let us take you on a Nostalgic experience!
The Amsterdam Burlesque Revue | September 18 @ 20:00

Who doesn’t long for that first time? You can pick anything that you desire! Do you remember the accompanying sensations, the smell, the excitement, the anticipation, the thrill, the colors, the joy, release and more?

In this unique Burlesque Revue our burlesque troupe takes you back to bygone times… Let’s relive and honor the past together, let yourself be seduced with a melancholic desire for silent movies, nostalgic tango, magical tricks, seductive vaudeville and sensational striptease.

With the producers of Amsterdam School of Burlesque; Flora Gattina, Madame Magneta & Willemijn Laan, the Amsterdam Burlesque Revue is a show that is honoring beauty and sensuality in all its forms. Revealing it by peeling layers of clothing, art and personality. We’ll be mocking the zeitgeist, playing with the erotic. With acts that touch dance, the art of tease and circus.

The Amsterdam Burlesque Revue is a show full of titillating entertainment!

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