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General Admission

Loud Mouth!

Two comedians would like YOU to come to Boom Chicago to laugh at their comedy show. They believe it is very good and that you’ll laugh a lot (# of laughs may vary per person). You might even laugh harder than that time your *goede * friend Jan was attacked by a goose & fell into the canal.
Someone might laugh SO MUCH that they die (<1% chance). If they do, you could post about it on social media. Dat is cool. That said, this show is best enjoyed with friends, so bring ‘em with!
Tamer Kattan is a comedian from New York (Ayo!), who now calls Europe home. Rogier Bak is a Dutch comedian (Hoi!), who wishes he could call America home (Ayo?).
Together they are LOUDMOUTH! A one night only show in Amsterdam from 2 of the top comedians on the European scene on 1 stage.