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North Coast Presents: Anybody

North Coast, New York City’s premier hip-hop improv team, has long been known for their seamless melding of freestyle rapping and long form improv comedy. But ever since the smash hit Hamilton brought historical rap to the masses, North Coast has been inspired to throw their hat in the ring!

Join as the team breaks down the life of one of history’s most celebrated people in a fully improvised musical in the style of Hamilton. Along with our resident beatboxer and some of the best accompanists in New York City, Anybody! is sure to satisfy that hunger for historical hip-hop magic.

Nikola Tesla? BARS. Socrates? Flawless. Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Mic drop. Stand on the right side of history and buy your tickets now!

“If you can’t decide between going to a comedy show and going to a party, these guys have you covered both ways. Hands down, it’s one of the most fun shows we’ve seen all year.” — TimeoutNY

“The very best improv show in the country. Without exception.” — Casey Casperson, Sick Puppies Comedy (FL)

“North Coast are AWESOME! Their show has an energy and sparkle like no other. It’s like watching improvisers from a planet that is quicker, cooler and sexier than ours visiting Earth to inspire us and show us the future of improv. No wonder that every time they perform with us it sells out more than any other show. PLUS they are really professional and easy to work with! Thank you, North Coast, you are the best!” — Hoopla Impro (London)

“NORTH coast is unbelievable…spectacular! I loved it.” – Dick Smothers of the smothers brothers

“A lot of shows proclaim, ‘You’ve never seen anything quite like it.’ In North Coast’s case, that is actually true.” — The Village Voice