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Don’t just watch the fun! Get involved!

Boom Chicago’s Improv Day Special is so much fun for a group. First you learn the secrets of improvisation from a Boom Chicago actor in a fun and interactive workshop.

Then it’s time for a borrel, followed by dinner and drinks in the theater. Soon it’s showtime for the famous Boom Chicago comedy show, starring your trainer!

This is a fun and funny day for teams of 20 or more! (There are different options for smaller groups)

The Improv Day Special

  1. Improv-based training: Not your typical corporate snoozefest. We’ll have your team laughing and collaborating with delight as we bring you into the wonderful world of improvisation.
  2. A borrel in the bar: Pumped with excitement from the workshop, the group heads to the bar for socializing, celebrating, drinks and Dutch fried snacks. Nothing is better than a Dutch borrel!
  3. A delicious meal: After all that laughter, move into the theater for food that’s so good your taste buds will break into applause.
  4. A great comedy show: Boom Chicago has been the launching pad for famous comedians for 30 years. People like Seth Meyers, Jordan Peele and the creators and stars of Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt and Joe Kelly) all got their start at Boom Chicago. Best of all, the next generation, including your trainer, is on stage tonight!

The price per person is just EUR 116,95 p/p for something really special. VAT and drinks are not included.

Unleash your inner improv superstar. Bond with your team. Create memories that you’ll be laughing about for years to come! Reserve your day today, and let’s make your team-building event a hilarious hit!