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1f. Comedy Stories

90s Flashbacks

Where were you in the 90s? In the process of creating our new show, Sitcom, we’ve been looking back on the 90’s as inspiration. Sit back, grab some popcorn, and let the sweet, sweet memories of the 90s rush back. Biddy Kemery I was born in 1990. When you look at this photo you can…

THE NEW APPLE TV+ SERIES ‘TED LASSO’ IS A JOY! (created by Boom Chicago alumni)

Seth Meyers and Jason Sudeikis talk about their time in Amsterdam at Boom Chicago and the wonderful new Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso. Three Boom Chicago alums (Jason, Brendan Hunt and Joe Kelly) developed their love for football in Amsterdam and created the Coach Ted Lasso character in the early 2000s. After making two viral videos…


I met Boom Chicago’s newest cast member, Stacey Smith, about a year ago when we brought her in to give the then cast a workshop in musical improv comedy. At the time, the cast and I were in a brutal show process. We were meeting every day from 11:00am to about 3:00am to write and rehearse a new show, perform and stay late for notes nearly every day. The last thing we wanted to do was a musical improv workshop (or anything requiring the least bit of extra energy). I can only imagine what Stacey was thinking when she laid eyes on us. Nevertheless she persisted. And, really, she didn’t even skip a beat. We were immediately swept up in the Stacejam (title of her one woman improvised musical that will blow your mind). Within minutes we were all cracking up and belting out hilarity at…


Sorry we’re breaking our English rule here for Arjen Lubach… …But this is comedy for Amsterdammers and many of us speak Dutch. (Plus the YouTube auto translate is excellent here — Turn on English subtitles) Did you miss Arjen Lubach’s wonderful short piece on de Blauwe Moskee asking for the Friday call to prayer to be announced on loudspeakers. What a dick move….


Our cast member Simon Lukacs visited Edinburgh Fringe Festival during its 2019 edition and he gives you his top 4 picks… As well as catching up with friends, doing a little bit of improv, drinking a lot of alcohol and eating far too often at my favourite noodle restaurant (Hi, Red Box), I tried to fit in as many shows as possible. I managed 23, which I don’t think is that bad! But like music, film, or any art form – the more you watch, the harder it becomes to see something that blows you away, and while I enjoyed everything I saw this year, here are the ones that I’d really recommend checking out: Ken Cheng: To All the Racists I’ve Blocked Before Former BBC New Comedy Award finalist Ken Cheng’s show deals with issues surrounding race with a…

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