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Portretfoto Stacey (2022) -©Nathalie Hennis_7

In honor of our International Women’s Day show on March 8th, we sat down with Artistic Director Stacey Smith to discuss her experience as a woman in comedy.

What inspired the decision to dedicate a show to International Women’s Day? 

Honestly? For me, everyday is Women’s Day. For me, this was an excuse for Katie, Raquel and I to reprise our rap called “Sexpat.”

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you during a live performance?

When I was living/performing on a cruise ship (circa 2013), I did a high kick and my shoe flew off and hit an audience member in the face. On that same cruise, during hurricane season, I got seasick in the middle of a song. I ran off, puked, came back on and finished the song.

Do you have any pre-show rituals? 

The moment our intro music plays at the top of the show and the cast screams in each others’ faces while saying “I’ve got your back.” It’s pretty magical every time. And this isn’t my ritual, but nothing pumps me up more than listening to Katie Nixon sing Backstreet Boys’ “The Call” right before a show.

Can you recall a particularly challenging or hilarious moment from your early days in comedy? 

I did a lot of bad shows with people that I didn’t gel with on stage. Play with people you love. People that support you and make you look and feel good. You don’t ever have to do otherwise.

What advice would you give to aspiring women in comedy?

Walk into every room like you deserve to be there, because you do.

P.S. I’m lucky to be on stage with Katie and Raquel every night. In addition to our Mainstage Boom shows, check out Queer Comedy Night (hosted by Katie) and our Stand-Up Open Mic (co-hosted by Raquel Palmas).

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Stacey Smith, Artistic Director, Boom Chicago