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While travel may be limited, and your vacation plans have most likely been soiled, Michelle Buteau makes it possible to forget the turmoil of 2020, and escape to a comedy Utopia. Well, a comedy Buteaupoia. Buteau’s recent Netflix special couldn’t have come at a better time. When the world needed high-energy positivity and kindness, the New Jersey comedian delivered. Within the first 3 minutes of the set, the theater is enveloped with Buteau’s charisma, a feeling you can sense even from the TV in your living room.

MIchelle Buteau Netflix

While the comedian is dressed to the nines in a sequin pant suit, and has officially reached world-fame, Michelle Buteau never fails to subtly remind the audience that she’s just like you. While you may not be friends with Jlo, or filming movies 6 months out of the year, Buteau finds a way to intertwine authenticity and humility into her hour-long set.

Perhaps one of Buteau’s most notable topics of discussion includes her experiences with Dutch culture, particularly her Husband Gijs. As Dutch natives and veteran ex-pats skim over the name, it may be difficult to pinpoint the punch line. But for Buteau, all she has to do is pronounce it. While she navigates through the differences between American and Dutch culture, the set becomes all-too-relatable for those who have experienced both cultures; and hilariously informative for those who have not.

As the set nears the 60-minute mark, stand-up aficionados may instinctually prepare for Buteau’s final joke. Decidedly, Buteau ends not with a bang, but with a moral message. Buteaupia comes to a close with a positive, enlightening and heartwarming note, something that everyone could use right now.


by Julia Plott