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British Superstar Stand Up Russel Howard plays AFAS Live on 21 March.

The hardworking UK comedian is known for his panel show appearances on Mock the Week (Think Dit was het Nieuws) and many shows that bear his name like The Russel Howard Comedy Hour.


On the stand up side he holds a number of impressive records like when he headlined London’s famous Royal Albert Hall for ten consecutive nights, breaking Frank Sinatra’s long-standing record. He also holds the record for the largest-ever stand-up show in China.


Easy to like, but probably not anybody’s edgiest list, it should be a good night.


Russell Howard standing on a stage


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Andrew comedyby Andrew Moskos

Andrew loves innovative projects and business opportunities. He is Boom Chicago’s artistic director, and directs shows with a focus on politics, technology, Dutch society and improvisation. He created the Boom Chicago Academy which currently has 100 students learning and performing improvisation.

Andrew is a host, trainer, writer and speaking coach for corporate events and conferences. He also designs Boom Chicago’s escape rooms and other innovative ways to tell stories.