The voice behind the ‘Netherlands Second’ viral video speaks out! Greg Shapiro (Boom Chicago, Comedy Central, BNR, ZDF) salutes the 45th - and possibly final - President of the United States. No, America didn’t get its first-ever female president, but we did get the first-ever president who’s clearly mentally ill. Shapiro dares to ask what would happen if we put Trump in therapy. The results are hilariously therapeutic.

‘The Madness of King Donald’ is an evening of standup comedy, with improvisation thrown in. Shapiro gives President Trump the respect he deserves - by making fun of him just like every other US president. Every show features a chance for the audience to ask questions to the President. As 'The Original Fake Trump,’ Shapiro remains committed to giving more press conferences than the actual Trump. 

Greg Shapiro: Comedian. American. Dutchman. His latest book ‘How to Be Dutch: the Quiz’ is available internationally. His YouTube show ‘United States of Europe’ has over 3.5 million views. And as the Trump impersonator from the ‘Netherlands Second’ video, he has over 50 million views worldwide.

The show is in English and some Dutch. This comedy show starts at 20:00 is about 2 hours long, including intermission.

Script Coach: Edo Berger
Impresariaat: Impact Entertainment

Volkskrant: 4 STARS ‘Greg Shapiro Is the Perfect Person to Give the Netherlands Trump Lessons.

Theaterkrant: CRITICS CHOICE ‘A Welcome Trump Tutorial and Survival Guide’ ‘Witty, Original and Surprising Show. ‘The Madness of King Donald is an Absolute Must. 

Het Parool: ‘There is no shortage of Trump imitators, but Shapiro goes far beyond imitating a voice or physical gestures - he even creeps into Trump’s head. Shapiro can, on the basis of a word or question, expand into a completely realistic tirade. it no longer has any meaning, but it works enormously well for generating laughs.'

  • Starring

  • Directed by

    Michael Diederich

  • Technician

    Albert Glazenborg

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  • Stage Manager / Director Assistant