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Grace Campbell Is On Heat

The fast-rising British comedienne Grace Campbell is coming to Boom Chicago.

With her fast-paced, provocative stand-up, Grace Campbell is one of the UK’s most talked-about new comedians. In addition to being a comedian, she is also a writer and producer, and is conquering the UK with her sharp tongue and witty humor. She is on a constant mission to challenge and undermine all those in power and existing conventions. In her new show ‘Grace Campbell is On Heat’, the honest comedian asks big questions about the world, her genitals, and her obsession with her dog.

Lovers of provocative, wild humor about vital topics will get their money’s worth during a Grace Campbell show. She has her own satirical view on sexuality and gender, and makes great jokes about it in her characteristically direct way. But she also does not shy away from politics. Hailing from North West London, she fearlessly trashed politician Nigel Farage on live TV and is committed to equal rights for female and LBGTQ+ comedians. She founded her own comedy evening in which she made those ideals reality: the Disgrace Comedy Club.