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Insight Night Live by Being There and Boom Chicago

If you want a great campaign, impactful communication or highly motivated employees over the new company values, there is one key element to success: a great, refreshing insight into your target audience. That insight gets creativity and energy flowing. So the task is frighteningly simple: find that insight. Something that is not that simple nowadays. Or so it seems.

Boom Chicago and its comedians have been into consumer insights before there was even a term for it. To make someone laugh, one needs to make a connection, strike a chord, and say something so spot-on that you can’t help but laugh. Marketers who do the same thing for a living can learn a lot from funny people.

Being There perhaps isn’t half as funny as a comedian, but has been putting people at the heart of campaigns and activations for over 21 years now. During Insight Night Live Boom Chicago and Being There will share some insights on how to look at people with the eye of the comedian. Your job and the way you look at your target audience will never be the same again.

So if you are a marketer, campaign manager, internal comms manager responsible for corporate communication or in any way responsible for communication to internal or external audiences, make sure to join and feel free to bring colleagues.

June 12 Program:

17:00: The Boom bar is open
17:30: We move to the theater for the main event
18:45: Networking and drinks in the Boom bar
19:30: The event is over, but you are welcome to stay in the bar