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Couch for Two Best Seats
VIB Seat Very Important Butts
General Admission
General Admission Student/CJP Valid with Student ID or CJP card
Academy Students For Boom Chicago Academy students

Amsterdam Roasted

Get ready to laugh!

Our 30th anniversary show is a hysterical mix of sketch comedy, sharp improv, really funny stand-up and amazing musical improvisation. Amsterdam Roasted starts big and doesn’t slow down.

Dutch culture always gets special attention and this time fitness fads and the dating scene are roasted. Our actors incorporate their experiences on ‘the apps’ and the romantic and sexual experience of dating Dutch men and women. Shall we say it’s a mixed bag…

With a nod to the past, this show roasts the present and features the stars of the future. Many famous comedians including Jordan Peele, Seth Meyers, Amber Ruffin, and the creators and stars of Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt and Joe Kelly) got their start at Boom Chicago. The next generation of superstar comedians is on stage tonight.

To celebrate our birthday, our newest show shoots comedy arrows at our 30-year history, our experience in Amsterdam and our take on the world. Nothing goes better with comedy than drinks which is why our full bar is open before, during and after the show! Some traditions never need to change!