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General Admission
VIB Seats Fantastic Seats for Very Important Butts -- Closer to the stage
Couch for Two Our best seats! Get comfy and put your feet (and drinks) on the table! Price for two people
General Admission Student/CJP Valid with Student ID or CJP card
Boom Academy Student Valid for Boom Academy Students

Music Improv Comedy Spectacular

Join the VCV Circle for Sustainability and the Amsterdam Circle on January 24 for a comedy evening with special guest Jelle de Jong, CEO at the World Wildlife Fund Netherlands.

Most people associate sustainability with serious stuff, like climate change, declining natural resources, inequality, and various other topics. At the same time, sustainability is all about the future, hope, and positive change. Charting a sustainability strategy requires serious commitment and effort within the organization and in its value chain. Yet to engage people within and outside of the organization, a touch of humor can really help!

Find out what humor can do around this serious topic. Jelle de Jong, CEO at the World Wildlife Fund Netherlands, will be the guest story teller at our next Music Improv Spectacular Show.

Please note this show takes place in our Upstairs Theater, which is not wheelchair accessible.

a person posing for the camera

He is a Dutch actor, comedian, presenter and voice actor . He voices the voice of Fanboy in the Nickelodeon – aired animated series Fanboy and Chum Chum , Thomas the Tank Engine, the narrator of the Teletubbies, and Dug from the movie Early Man.

In 2005 Theuns played in the musical Naked Boys Singing , in which eight male actors performed naked and singing. In 1996, together with Marijn de Langen, he won the jury, audience and personality award at the 10th Groninger Studenten Cabaret Festival.

His autobiographical performance GOOD BOY will premiere in 2021 (with Valentijn Banga, directed by Ewout Eggink). As a presenter he is associated with the Amsterdam Kleinkunst Festival. Theuns also works as a director, teaches game improvisation at THOPSS and has his own production company.