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General Admission
General Admission Student/CJP Valid with Student ID or CJP card
Boom Academy Student Valid for Boom Academy Students

Last Minute Stand-ins

Accomplished actors and Boom Chicago improvisers join forces on the stage to do what they each do best. The actors act. The improvisers improvise, but our comedians don’t know the scene and have to make up their half of the show. What comes out is hysterical! Last Minute Stand-Ins is the show where hilarious, quick-witted comedy and serious theatre collide.

It pairs top Amsterdam actors with Amsterdam’s funniest improvisers, in a show of some of the greatest scenes in theater and cinema history. But here’s the catch: The actors know the scene, their lines, and their character, but the improvisers… KNOW NOTHING!  They are in the dark as they try to make sense of the scenes around them using only their quick wits.

The actor’s nightmare of forgetting their lines becomes a delight for the audience who enjoy the best of these two crafts. The actors and improvisers work at the speed of their intelligence in this very funny and very impressive show.