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Friends of Boom

Quick Details

During our Boom Chicago Comedy Festival we have a lot of fun shows, and we wanted to highlight some of our very special shows for a discounted price of €10! 

  • Wednesday 28.07 at 19:45: Four Corners of America
  • Thursday 29.07 at 22:00: Shot of Improv
  • Saturday 31.07 at 22:00: Musical Armando
Four Corners of America WED - 28.07
Shot of Improv THU - 29.07
Musical Armando SAT 31.07


Four Corners of America Showcase
WED 28.07 – 19:45 Main Hall

One great duo from Philly, a pair representing Portland and Austin, and a diva from New York City. It’s American hysterical comedy from the four corners of the country… if you squint and don’t get too focused on the geometry. There will be jokes. There will be characters. There will be music!

Featuring: Miller & Castellvi, The Amie & Kristen Show and Stacejam

Boom Chicago’s Shot of Improv
THU 29.07 – 22:00 Main Theater

Boom Chicago comedy show shot

Join Boom Chicago and too many festival guests for a real late night improv party! No other show takes more audience suggestions. You decide how crazy the show gets, and good suggestions get a free shot! This will be the best Shot of Improv of the year. When will there be this much talent on one stage? It might be hard to stop!

The Musical Armando Improv Show
SAT 31.07 – 22:00 Main Hall


Seven top improvisers and Boom Chicago’s musical director together create a musical comedy masterpiece from one audience suggestion. This top group of festival guests and Boom superstars will never perform together again. A true main event!

Featuring: Stacey Smith, Shantira Jackson, Matt Castellvi, Katy Schutte, Sue Harrison, Ella Galt and Derek Miller. Special Guest Heather Anne Campbell will be the guest monologist.