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Arjen Lubach FT. Op Sterk Water: Tues July 27
Comfy Community: Wed July 28
Four Corners of America: Wed July 28
Ten Minutes in Heaven: Wed July 28
Special Relationships: Thurs July 29
The Cunnilingus Show: Thurs July 29
Big Energy Showcase: Thurs July 29
Shot of Improv: Thurs July 29
Musical Madness: Fri July 30
What Can’t She Do? Variety Show: Fri July 30

Brexit Calling: Fri July 30
Womance: Fri July 30
Character Counts: Fri July 30
De Speld Comedy Quiz: Fri July 30
Improvising in Style: Sat July 31
Mixer Team Showcase: Sat July 31
Really Good Stand Up: Sat July 31
Musical Armando: Sat July 31
De Speld News Quiz: Sat July 31
Closing Night Show: Sun August 1 

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Buy 3 tickets to a show below and you get your 4th for free!* 

Boom Chicago’s Sitcom

SAT, July 24 – 20:00-21:30 Main Hall

Sitcom comedy show

Sitcom, Boom Chicago’s hysterical new comedy show, is a throwback to the 90s when any TV problem could be solved in a half an hour… including the commercials. You know the format: a group of (beautiful) friends hung out in the same locations and got into realistically unrealistic situations. Cameras captured the action and the ‘live studio audience’ knew when to laugh, applause and go ooooh. Boom Chicago celebrates the glory days of the 1990s from which these iconic sitcoms came! Come enjoy the music, fashion and news from a simpler era of Friends, het Zonnetje in Huis and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. As a finale, each night, together with the audience, the actors will create a brand new Sitcom and shoot a short pilot episode.


Shot of Improv

SAT, July 24 – 22:30-00:00 Main Hall

a group of people posing for the camera

Boom Chicago’s late night show is the best way to start your lockdown-free life (hopefully forever). Boom’s cast and special guests turn into comedy bartenders to create delicious shots for you! Shot of Improv is Boom Chicago’s fully improvised comedy show!

You decide how crazy the show gets, and to keep the craziness going, we offer a free shot for a good suggestion! This is a full two-act show with intermission — 75 minutes of quick thinking and big laughs, and then it’s all gone. Come see what the best improv comedians in Amsterdam can do!


Queen your Plate Drag Brunch

SUN, July 25 – 12:00-15:00 Main Hall

a woman looking at the camera

Your favourite drag queen brunchers are back and collaborating with Boom Chicago. Yes, Queeeens! You did not get it wrong. Food! Cocktails! Drama! Eleganza! Camp! It is about to get absolutely stunning in the afternoon!

Bringing the Bam to the Boom, Hostess Miss Vanity Love will welcome you together with a fantastic set of drag performers; who are not just ready to twirl and dance, but also lip sync their way into your hearts. 

Which way do you lean? Option one is the Traditional Brunch with a plated meal from our kitchen and cocktails delivered to your table. Or get ready to get the giggles with option two: The Liquid Brunch with bottomless sangria. Who doesn’t like bottomless?  And the more you drink, the prettier our queens look!

It’s high energy fun with extra special games to connect you with our queens!  With a dazzling show, fabulous drinks, and tastyyyy food, you’re gonna enjoy so much you’re gonna Queen your Plate!

Drag Comedy Brunch Menu and show: 37,50
Upon arrival: Crudite with Lime-Cilantro Hummus on the tables

On your plate: Scrambled BLT or Veggie BLT eggs, toast, English Muffin with cheddar cheese
On the tables to share: Veggie Caesar Salads to share

Your Dessert: Brownie with caramel and walnuts

Liquid Brunch plus show is 47,50

Delicious Bottomless White Sangria plus a brownie for dessert test is required for this event!

*Four for three deal does not apply


Sunday Night Live

SUN, July 25 – 19:00-20:15 Upstairs Theater


Sunday Night Live is the creation and performance of a comedy play that only has one performance. The comedy unfolds more thoughtfully as the improvised threads weave themselves into something unique, surprising, and always funny. The joy is to understand how one scene inspires the next. Sunday Night Live creates improv fans and many people come back every week. Since each show is totally different, it is habit-forming!


Community Show: Slowpoke

SUN, July 25 – 20:30-21:45 Main Hall

a woman holding a sign

Olivia Flood-Wylie brings her one-hour comedy special to the Boom Chicago Comedy Festival for one night only. A night that looks into growing up, moving out, long-distance relationship woes, and how she really feels about being a late bloomer. With punchy one-liners and thought-provoking social commentary, Olivia will take you on a rollercoaster journey from her awkward childhood to her awkward adulthood. Buckle up for hilarity.


Possibilities not Limitations

MON, July 26 – 18:00 Main Hall

logo, company name

Talent Development and Autism. Let’s focus on what can instead of what cannot.  

Join us Monday, July 26 for a celebration of the spectrum and the talent that comes from the under-appreciated autistic brain. Boom Chicago CEO Saskia Maas hosts an inspiring line-up including The Comedy Conversation an uninhibited, hilarious interview with Boom Chicago alum Lisa Jolley. Lisa is an actress, singer, improviser and teacher/coach of all those things, a panel including Dr. Marcia Goddard Head of People and Culture for Tony’s Chocolonely , the young talent of InterActing, and Fabian Franciscus, the Dutch comedian on the spectrum.


Thuis Party

Monday, July 26 – 18:30-19:30 Upstairs Theater


Join us as our brand new Boom Chicago House Teams make their debut on our Rozengracht stage. Three incredible teams of up and coming talent in the Amsterdam improv scene.


Fabian Franciscus (in Dutch)

MON, July 26 – 20:00

a man in a blue shirt

Fabian Franciscus is a charming and successful Dutch standup comedian who is on the spectrum. One of his skills is to balance when those two things build on each other and when they collide. In the Netherlands, he won the Leeuwarder Cabaret Festival and the Comedy Slam. Abroad, he plays at bigger comedy clubs in New York, Berlin, Stockholm and London. He is a frequent guest on TV shows like De Slimste MensSpijkers Met KoppenNa Het Nieuws and Kopspijkers and several of his comedy videos have gone viral. He will be playing a set from his latest show De Kleine Wereld. The show is in Dutch. 


The Amsterdam Expat Showcase

MON, July 26 – 20:30-21:45

a woman sitting on a chair

They live here, they’re not Dutch, and they have something to say! Boom Chicago’s Matt Castellvi hosts this showcase of top talent in English-speaking stand-up throughout the Netherlands. Get used to these names.

Featuring: Matt Castellvi, Lara Ricote, Benedetto Zurlo, Jamal Khadar, Olivia Flood-Wylie, Lupe Estrada and Zoe Brownstone


Going Dutch: Great NL Stand-up in English
Monday, July 26, 19:30 Upstairs Theater

a woman walking down the street talking on a cell phone

A look at Dutch culture through the eyes of the smartest and funniest people in the world: Dutch people! And since they and you both speak English, you can receive subtle insights like, ‘Try not talking so loud,’ ‘Drop is actually delicious,’ and ‘Stay out of the bike lanes… also on your bikes.’ S-ch-ool is in session…in English!

Host: Kendra Borgen. Featuring Rogier Bak, Jeroen Bloemhoff, Gillian Graven and Odette van der Molen


Arjen Lubach Featuring Op Sterk Water
The Reunion Show (in Dutch)

Tuesday, July 27, 20:15 Main Hall

Arjen Lubach wearing a blue shirt

Voor Arjen Lubach bekend werd met zijn televisieprogramma Zondag met Lubach, maakte hij meer dan tien jaar deel uit van Nederland’s meest gerenommeerde improvisatiegezelschap ‘Op Sterk Water’. Eerder zei hij al eens: ‘bij Op Sterk Water heb ik alles geleerd’. Hoog tijd voor een reünie dus. En waar kan dat beter dan in dé improvisatietempel van Amsterdam: het theater van Boom Chicago aan de Rozengracht.

Tijdens het Boom Chicago festival neemt Arjen zijn vrienden van Op Sterk Water, Tim, Daniel en Dave mee voor een spontaan, hilarisch en virtuoos groot uur improv. Like the old days. (Er moest nog een engels zinnetje in van Boom Chicago.) See you daar!

Performed wel  in the sweet, captivating tones of the most musical language of them all: Dutch.

ATTENTION: New tickets now available!
Please note that the current Corona measures apply to his show and you will need to show either a negative test or proof of vaccination. 


Comfy Community

WED, JULY 28 – 19:00 Upstairs Theater

graphical user interface, application

Comfy Community will host a live entertainment night by and for the community. As a non-profit aimed towards self-care & self-development in a comfy way, you can expect to see live performances, surprises and opportunities to meet new folks. With music, comedy and talks, there’s something for everyone. All in a comfy vibe, so just sit back and kick back!


Four Corners of America Showcase

WED, JULY 28 – 19:45 Main Hall

a woman wearing glasses and smiling at the camera

One great duo from Philly, a Chicago-Austin Pair and a diva from New York City. That’s America is one hysterical comedy bill. There will be jokes. There will be characters. There will be music!

Featuring: Miller & Castellvi, The Amie and Kristen Show and Stacejam 

Ten Minutes in Heaven

WED, JULY 28 – 21:30 Upstairs Theater

a man wearing a microphone

Five great stand ups get ten minutes each. Strangely it somehow adds up to an hour.

Host: Kristin Kirkley
Featuring: Maxi Witrak, Dan Cass, Neil Robinson, Tague Zachary, Sergej Skytin


Special Relationships

THURS JULY 29 – 19:30 Upstairs Theater

a close up of a man wearing glasses

Two are a couple. Two are best friends and one is just a group of juvenile delinquents. Three award-winning comedy groups one one stage with a Dutch or UK connection. ‘An improv supergroup’ – Time Out London.

Featuring: Helmet Thieves, Eggplant, and Ella Galt & Katy Schutte


The Cunnilingus Show

THURS, July 29 – 19:45 Main Hall


The Cunnilingus Show is a comedy variety show dedicated to female and queer expression. The show mixes elements of stand-up comedy, games and drag performances to give you a joyful evening full of laughter. In honour of Pride, this edition will feature a live version of the infamous RuPaul’s Snatch Game where contestants battle for the crown using celebrity impersonation and improvisational skills.


Big Energy Showcase

THURS, July 29 – 21:30 Upstairs Theater

a man and a woman sitting in a chair

Three global groups with one thing in common: Energy! Uranium 235, from Cincinnati, performs their innovative Deconstruction. Margaret Buttercat, the international festival supergroup, plays hard until they drop from exhaustion. And Mordsaga, a UK duo brings the best of Nordic noir all around the world. Book your tickets now for this popular show.


Shot of Improv

THURS, July 29 – 22:00 Main Hall

a group of people posing for the camera

Boom Chicago’s long running late night improv hit with the current cast and festival guest stars.


Musical Madness

FRI, July 30 – 19:30 Upstairs Theater

a group of people on a stage

Two opposite acts on the same stage. Solitaire is (you guessed it) a solo show where the fantastic Nick Condon improvises all parts of a rich story — by himself.  Then Fallen Sundays, the premiere musical improv from Denmark,  take the stage with many actors and multiple musicians to put on a true grand finale performance.

Host: Special Guest

Featuring: Solitaire (US)  and The Fallen Sundays (DK)


What Can’t She Do? Variety Show

FRI, July 30 – 19:45 Main Hall

a woman sitting on a bench posing for the camera

A Comedy Showcase starring some of the funniest women in the world. Jo Vino starts with her signature dark standup. Chicagoan Holly Souchak follows with sharp character driven storytelling. And then the BCCF festival guests join forces to show what they can do. Spoiler alert: Everything! Guys don’t worry: Boom favorites Stacey Smith and Biddy Kemery host as Tad and Chad.

Featuring: Jo Vino, Holly Souchak (US), Ella Galt (Barcelona Improv Festival), Shantira Jackson (Big Mouth, Amber Ruffin Show) and Katy Schutte (The Maydays)


Brexit Calling

FRI, July 30 – 21:30 Upstairs Theater

a man talking on a cell phone

Three great UK comedy duos in a night of big comedy named after something none of them probably voted for. The UK pair Lois bring their absurd comedy to the BCCF after receiving the only 4 ⅓ star review ever at the Edinburgh Fringe (Theatre Review). McGathy & Miller’s unique and funny improv form shows a relationship in reverse. It starts with a breakup and then goes backwards until we see the cute way they met. And finally, Graham Dickson and Sophia Broido, founders of the FA in London, come to Amsterdam for a rare performance of their hit improvised Tenessee Williams play. 

Featuring:McGathy & Miller, Simon Lukacs & Simon Feilder



FRI, July 30 – 22:00 Main Hall

a couple of people posing for the camera

Womance is a musical improv duo comprised of best friends, Shantira Jackson and Stacey Smith. Shantira and Stacey have been working together for over a decade. Stacey is a current cast member of Boom Chicago and runs the Boom Academy. Shantira is currently a writer for Big Mouth and contributor for The Amber Ruffin Show. Together they’ve headlined the Detroit Women of Comedy Festival, the Omaha Improv Festival and the Miami Improv Festival.


Character Counts

FRI, July 30 – 23:30 Main Hall

a man talking on a cell phone

A top bill of funny comedians playing unforgettable characters in a late night setting. 

Host: Simon L 

Featuring: Matt Castellvi, Mr. Beige, Nikk Tetreault and Xiaoli Go


De Speld Comedy Quiz

FRI, July 30 – 23:59 Main Hall

a man wearing a suit and tie

Hey Nederlanders! Which celebrity is officially NOT a virologist? What was the name of the documentary about Britney Spears that Ivo Niehe starred in? You’ll get the answer to these and many more questions in De Speld Newsquiz. After several online editions, with thousands of participants, the famous satirical website premieres their first in-person quiz at the Boom Chicago Comedy Festival. 

Host Michiel Eijsbouts takes you on a midnight journey filled with wonder and roaring laughter. Drinking makes you smarter, so don’t be left behind! The quiz, like all the world’s best comedy, is in Dutch.   


Improvising in Style

SAT, July 31 – 19:30 Upstairs Theater

a man wearing a hat and holding a guitar

It’s graduation night for the Grapevine High School improv comedy class! There’s just one small problem: the drama teacher fell sick at the last minute. Luckily the high school football coach, Ted Rookard, has volunteered to direct the show. He’s got a sports-minded attitude and a brand-new copy of “Improv for Dummies.” What could go wrong? And Copenhagen’s finest tackle the styles of James Bond and current events in this hysterical show featuring Spoonraker (DK).  


Mixer Team Showcase

SAT July 31 – 19:45 Main Hall

logo, company name

24 funny improvisers from around the world rehearsed with three top coaches to make three killer teams, each with an innovative improv form.  Watch all three teams play one big show of unique comedy for one night only.


Really Good Standup

SAT, July 31 – 21:30 Upstairs Theater

a person standing in a room

Five exciting standups from four great world class cities… and Newcastle upon Tyne. Look out for Tristan Barber’s hysterical and interactive, TED-inspired stand up form. Andrew Bulkeley, the funniest disorganized dad, starts things off!

Host: Trista Mrema 

Featuring: Andrew Bulkeley, ‘TEDnology’, and Helen Wildy!


The Musical Armando Improv Show

SAT, July 31 – 22:00 Main Hall


Seven top improvisers and Boom Chicago’s musical director together create a musical comedy masterpiece from one audience suggestion. This top group of festival guests and Boom superstars will never perform together again. A true main event!

Featuring: Stacey Smith, Shantira Jackson, Matt Castellvi, Katy Schutte, Ella Galt and.


De Speld Newsquiz (in Dutch)

SAT, July 31 – 00:00-01:00 Upstairs Theater

a man wearing a suit and tie

Which celebrity is officially NOT a virologist? What was the name of the documentary about Britney Spears that Ivo Niehe starred in? You’ll get the answer to these and many more questions in De Speld News Quiz. After several editions we held online with thousands of participants, this is your unique chance to experience De Speld Nieuwsquiz live. Host Michiel Eijsbouts and Roel Maalderink will take you on a midnight journey filled with wonder and roaring laughter.


Closing Night Show

SUN, August 1 – 20:30 Main Hall

a group of people on a stage

Were you at Boom Chicago’s 25 year anniversary show at Carre in 2018? Then this is your show. Old school stars, Boom founders, and faces from the past return for one final reunion show before this festival is history.

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