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Intro to Science Fiction Workshop
with Katy Schutte
13:00 – 16:00 Main Hall

a person standing in front of a building

Science Fiction is about building worlds and seeing the human perspective alongside visions of the future, different universes or new technology. Science Fiction can be a huge and sprawling genre, so we learn to find out which strand we are playing in and hone in on the style at play.

Level: Intermediate (at least 1 year of improv experience)
Participants: 12


Improvising Coen Brothers Workshop
with Erin McGathy
13:00-16:00 at the Student Hotel

Erin McGathy with pink hair taking a selfie

Multi-paced scenes, bizarre yet believable and grounded characters, ensemble storytelling that will chill and delight your bones: This Improvised Coen Brothers’ workshop will switch between frothy scene-work to intense character study and back again.

Whether or not you’re familiar with the directors’ impressive filmography, this workshop will engage you in slow-play while helping to spackle your dialogue with the scene detail you didn’t know you had in you.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced (at least 1 year of improv experience)
Participants: 12 


Silence Workshop:
Loud and Clear with Ella Galt
13:00 – 16:00 Upstairs Theater

a woman smiling for the camera

In life, some of the most profound, moving or hilarious experiences play out in total silence. In this workshop, we will learn to lean on that familiar human state — silence — on the stage, discovering it’s unique theatrical power.

Level: Intermediate (at least 1 year of improv experience)
Participants: 12


A Comedy Conversation with
Ike Barinholtz and Josh Meyers
18:00 – 19:00 Main Hall

Josh Meyers looking at the camera

Ike Barinholtz and Josh Meyers are two very funny people, who became friends at Boom Chicago and remain so to this day. At the 10 Year Boom Chicago anniversary, he and Ike developed The Shizzow where they would honestly try to annoy each other and then get into an actual fistfight. Comedy gold. They will be interviewed by Boom Chicago founders Andrew Moskos and Jon Rosenfeld who were in the cast with them in the old days. 

Ike Barinholtz is an actor, comedian, writer, director, and producer. On TV, he had a big role in the long running The Mindy Project and was a star on MADtv during the Boom Chicago years with Josh, Jordan Peele and Nicole Parker. 

Ike has appeared in many movies like Suicide Squad, Blockers, The Hunt, Neighbors and Sisters. He co-wrote the action comedy film Central Intelligence for Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart and directed, wrote, produced, and starred in the comedy film The Oath.

Josh Meyers is a talented actor, writer and stand-up comedian. Upon landing at Schiphol for Boom Chicago, he was taken not to his apartment, but directly to his first show for an insurance company in Deventer. Even groggy, Josh knocked it out of the park. 

After Boom, Josh was hired into the cast of MADtv, where he became known for his celebrity impressions, such as Owen Wilson and Matthew McConaughey. He later replaced Topher Grace as the star in the final season of That ’70s Show. 

Josh has been a regular contributor to Jimmy Fallon as well as his brother’s show, Late Night with Seth Meyers. Josh starred in the animated superhero comedy The Awesomes and is currently working on a new science fiction comedy for the Peacock network.



a close up of a man wearing glasses

Three award-winning comedy groups one one stage with a Dutch or UK connection. Two are a couple. Two are best friends and one is just a group of juvenile delinquents. ‘An improv supergroup’ – Time Out London.

Featuring: Helmet Thieves, Eggplant, The Petting Zoo


The Cunnilingus Show
19:45 Main Hall


The Cunnilingus Show is a comedy variety show dedicated to female and queer expression. The show mixes stand-up comedy, games and drag performances to give you a joyful evening of laughter. In honour of Pride, this edition will feature a live version of the infamous RuPaul’s Snatch Game where contestants battle for the crown using celebrity impersonation and improvisational skills. A festival highlight!


The Big Energy Showcase
21:30 Upstairs Theater

a man and a woman sitting in a chair

Three global groups with one thing in common: Energy! From Cincinnati, Uranium 235 performs their innovative Deconstruction. Margaret Buttercat, the international festival supergroup, plays hard until they drop from exhaustion. And Mordsaga, a UK duo brings the best of Nordic noir to festivals all around the world. Book your tickets now for this popular show.

Featuring: Uranium 235 (US), Margaret Buttercat (US/NL/Latvia) and Mordsaga (UK)


Boom Chicago’s Shot of Improv
22:00 Main Theater

Boom Chicago comedy show shot

Join Boom Chicago and too many festival guests for a real late night improv party! No other show takes more audience suggestions. You decide how crazy the show gets, and good suggestion get a free shot! This will be the best Shot of Improv of the year. When will there be this much talent on one stage? It might be hard to stop!