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Dramatic Improv Workshop
with Shantira Jackson
13:00 – 16:00 Main Hall 

a person smiling for the camera

In this workshop, you will learn how to initiate and maintain scenes through honest and grounded scene work without always going for the laugh. Getting serious can get you funny. 

Level: Intermediate (at least 1 year of improv experience)
Participants: 12


A Comedy Conversation with Colton Dunn
18:00 – 19:00 Main Hall

Colton Dunn wearing a blue shirt

Join us for a fun and funny hour with actor, writer, producer and Boom Chicago alum Colton Dunn. The interview, audience and the atmosphere happen on the Rozengracht with a live audience and atmosphere. Colton joins from Los Angeles. Watch in person or on the high quality livestream.

From 2002-4, Colton lived in Amsterdam and performed at Boom Chicago, working on shows like Rock Stars and Boom Chicago saves the world, (Sorry About the Mess). That was the era with, among othersJordan Peele, Brendan Hunt, Suzi Barrett, Heather Campbell, and Jim Woods.

Colton just finished up a very successful six season run as Garett on the NBC comedy Superstore. One of the network’s highest rated shows, the workplace comedy found its footing in the second year when it garnered critical acclaim, getting 100% positive remarks on Rotten Tomatoes. ‘Superstore …stakes its claim as one of the most lovable ensembles on television, fleshing out its charming cast while expertly teasing out its central romance.’ It did not receive a prominent run in the Netherlands for some reason.

Colton has written and acted on many shows including Key & Peele, Parks and Recreation, MADtv, and was the scene stealing Rudy the limo driver in Blockers.

We will cover many topics with a focus on his experiences in Amsterdam and in Hollywood.


Comfy Community
19:30 Upstairs Theater


More information coming soon!


Four Corners of America Showcase
19:45 Main Hall

One great duo from Philly, a pair representing Portland and Austin, and a diva from New York City. It’s American hysterical comedy from the four corners of the country… if you squint and don’t get too focused on the geometry. There will be jokes. There will be characters. There will be music!

Featuring: Miller & Castellvi, The Amie & Kristen Show and Stacejam


Ten Minutes in Heaven
21:30 Upstairs Theater

a man wearing a microphone

Five great stand ups get ten minutes each. Strangely it somehow adds up to an hour. Oh yeah, the host: Kristin Kirkley. Featuring: Maxi Witrak, Dan Cass, Neil Robinson, Kylie Vincent and Sergej Sky.

Host: Kristin Kirkley
Featuring: Maxi Witrak, Dan Cass, Neil Robinson, Tague Zachary, Sergej Sky