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Amsterdam Fringe Festival – GOSH

Quick Details

GOSH! takes you on a wild search for the meaning of love in a feminist world. Bustie La Tish brings together an eclectic troupe of fierce burlesque and drag stars, ready to bare their souls – and bodies – to make you laugh, cry and, more importantly, cheer loudly. Prepare for a fast-paced ride on the rollercoaster of emotions we call love, through the eyes of women and queer folks!

Shows on: 

  • Friday September 3 at 21:25
  • Saturday September 4 at 17:15
  • Friday September 10 at 20:30
  • Friday September 10 at 22:30
Single Ticket 1 person
CJP 1 person

ATTENTION! Buy your tickets in multiples to be able to sit together.
This is due to the 1,5 meter distance safety measure.

Sexy, cheeky and political, GOSH! Stands for a Good Old Sexy Happening.

Drag kings & queens, erotic dancers and burlesque performers share the stage while our fabulous mistress of ceremony guides your journey.

Among glitter and rainbows, you will see lip-syncs, comedy, dancing and stripping. We are playful and soulful, we toy with the concepts of love, gender and sex. Each act represents the artist’s own interpretation of love, whether that is passion or heartache. The performances are a wild mix of raunchy, funny, poetic and political.

GOSH! is intersectional feminist, sex-positive, body-positive, gender-positive, age-positive, LGBTQIA+-positive, melanin-positive, sex-worker positive, disability-positive and features artists with diverse bodies, genders and sexual orientation.

What’s love without the patriarchy? You’ll have to join us to find out, all we can say is that it’s got a lot of glitter and rainbows!