Introducing Bango! New Form Improv with a Beat

In 2018, Boom Chicago turns 25 years old and we are still innovating! Andrew Moskos, the director of 7 Deadly Dutch Sins, Trump up the Volume and 9/11 Forever, presents Bango!, a brand new comedy show and a brand new comedy style: New Form Improv. This new show takes fewer suggestions from the audience and moves past the familiar structure of improv games. Freed from the rules, our talented cast responds at even higher speeds with rich characters, stories and scenes for a fresh, fun and exciting comedy show.

Bango! is different each night. The show is based on true stories told by the actors, audience members and special guest stars which are never repeated. The musical energy comes from Sacha Hoedemaker who provides studio production, live music and funky drums. The cast adds lyrics to tell some stories musically.

This improv comedy show is entirely in English. The show lasts around 2 hours, including intermission. The show starts at 20:30 Wednesdays to Fridays. On Saturdays, the show starts at 20:00. Click on each date individually for further information and then click "Buy Tickets" for prices. NOTE that for same day purchases, tickets are available online only until 19:00. If you want to purchase same day tickets after 19:00, you must purchase your tickets at our bar.  The bar will be buzzing with people from 19:00, so why not come early to enjoy a drink?

Presenting Bango! New Form Improv with a Beat:


25 Years ago Boom Chicago introduced improvisation to a main stream audience in the Netherlands. The comedy ensemble continues to innovate in their new comedy show Bango! New Form Improv with a Beat. On November 23, Tatum Dagelet will share her stories and inspire the show!

Normally, the second act of Bango! is based on true stories from our actors. On special nights, however, we invite a guest storyteller to create an even more rich and surprising show. On November 23, the cast of Boom Chicago will be joined by Tatum Dagelet, whose stories will inspire the comedy. Based on the elements from her stories, the talented cast of Boom Chicago will improvise a new play with rich characters, surprising scenes and songs.

Tatum Dagelet

Tatum made her film debut in the Dick Maas movie Amsterdamned” in 1988. After that she played in the movie called Voor een verloren soldaat. Together with Jennifer de Jong she hosted a show called Brutale Meiden as well as the sequel which got a sequal Brutale Moeders.

On September 8 2000 Dagelet got married to radio DJ and artist Ruud de Wild. Together they have a daughter. After their divorce in 2004, Dagelet wrote a book Drinken, vloeken en hopen dat je niet bemind wordt, about all the issues involved with a divorce while having children. In 2017 she participated in the TV show Celebrity Stand-up. Tatum is currently filming a TV show around anorexia that will start on NPO3 November 6.

The show stars Tamar Broadbent, Rhys Collier, Cene Hale, Simon Lukacs and Lizz Kemery with technical support from Emil Struijker-Boudier and Tyrone Dierksen. Live music by Sacha Hoedemaker. Reserve now your tickets for Bango! with Special Guest Tatum Dagelet.

This improv comedy show is entirely in English. The show lasts around 2 hours, including intermission and it will be held in The Big House. The show will start at 20:30. Doors open 30 minutes before showtime. Our bar will be buzzing with people from 19:00, so why not coming early to enjoy a drink?

  • Starring

  • Directed by

    Andrew Moskos | Mike Orton-Toliver

  • Technician

    Emil Struijker | Tyrone Dierksen

  • Musician

    Sacha Hoedemaker

  • Tickets

    Starting from: €17,95

  • Stage Manager / Director Assistant

    Lizz Kemery