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Every first Friday of the month come watch a crazy queer comedy variety show!

Early Bird General Admission
General Admission
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Boom Chicago Comedy Festival
Snatch Game Edition: Thursday, July 14 @ 22:00


Introducing a comedy night in Amsterdam inspired by the best practices of Cunnilingus [kuhn-l-ing-guh s]. For decades, the phrase Cunnilingus has simply related the art of performing oral sex on a woman. However since 2019, the term has been used to craft the perfect comedy variety game show.

The Cunnilingus Show is based on three pillars:

I. The Warm-Up: 

Our first priority is to make you feel comfortable, kick back and put you in the mood to laugh. No need to rush. We will take our time to play around through crowd work and games inspired by queer awareness and sex positivity topics. Foreplay is essential. Why not tease each other a little bit?

II. She Cums First: 

Our expertise in excellent communication will keep you vibing with us throughout the night. Don’t worry you’re in good hands!

III.  The Big O: 

Humor is a priority! Therefore in addition to drag performances and our handcrafted games we feature a fresh line up of hilarious stand-up comedians who will serve you some saucy laugh-gasms. Luckily we will not only give you one but multiple comic sets in total so you can go home and brag to your friends about how great of a night you had at the Cunnilingus Show.