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  • October 17!

F*ck the Format

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Standard seat

F*ck the Format is back Sunday, October 17!

Boom Chicago presents the improv show where narrative long form and short form insanity collide.

Using a title suggested by the audience, the cast will create a brand new play – a piece of art that is both moving and challenging, with complex characters and a gripping plot…

Well, that’s the idea, anyway…

But here’s the catch – with the help of the “director”, each scene will see a different challenge or obstacle put in the cat’s way by YOU, the audience!

Will Biddy’s confession scene be quite as poignant if she can only speak in gibberish?  Will the climactic showdown between Stacey and Matt be dramatic if performed in the style of a bad high school play? Will Simon and Simon’s love scene be quite so tender if they both have to do Christopher Walken impressions?

So join us for an hour of unpredictable comedy as the serious theatre the cast promises is derailed by the audience’s demand for chaos.