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The Eurovision Song Contest is an international song competition that features participants representing primarily European countries. This is not that. Six participants from countries you’ve never heard of compete for your love and applause. Show-stopping improvised songs based on your suggestions. Which “country” will win? It’s up to you.

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  • Katie-Rose Petley as Princess Macy Nordstrom from the House of Fraser, representing “Landrovia”.
  • Jake Credit as Clifford,  representing “The Former Straight Republic of Thisqueeria.”
  • Matt Castellvi as Toco, representing “Niceland.”
  • Mimi and Pim van Amerongen as Braht (Petra and Nestor Nazarov) representing “Genovia.”
  • Cindy Pittens as Miss Curly McStairway, representing “Australemenarica.”
  • Cene Hale as Anne-Belle, representing The Back Country.
  • Simon Lukacs as Dieter Haffenschlapp, representing Christburg.

Co-hosted by Stacey Smith and Biddy Kemery.

All music improvised by Sacha Hoedemaker.

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