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Judah Friedlander – 2019 Stand-Up Tour: Future President Tour

Judah Friedlander is touring all over the world this year with all new material.
In addition to touring the US, Judah will also be touring Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, South Korea, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and he will be touring throughout Europe as well.
Last year, Judah’s critically acclaimed 84 minute stand-up performance film America Is the Greatest Country In the United States (Netflix, 2017) was named best comedy special of the year by many critics, comics, and fans.
Thematically similar to his Netflix special, but with all new material, Judah’s new tour, Future President, features non-stop jokes & profound satire covering all the big issues of the day from human rights to national & international affairs, as well as American Exceptionalism. And with Judah’s hilarious & unique crowd work, he invites you to ask him questions about his presidential platform for 2020.

Rave Reviews for ‘America Is Greatest Country In the United States

Best Special of the Year & Comedian of the Year (2017) – The Interrobang
Best Special of the Year – Erik Abriss, The Hundreds
“One of the great comedic minds of this generation and one of the most original voices performing comedy today, or ever.” – The Interrobang
“A masterpiece of standup comedy.” – Erik Abriss, The Hundreds
“Coupled with his hilarious survey of how other nations rank against the U.S., it’s truly a remarkable display of crowd work not only exhibiting Friedlander’s comedic chops, but his formidable curiosity and breadth of knowledge about the world beyond America.” – Vish Khanna, Exclaim! (Canada)
“The comic satirizes issues like systemic racism, fracking, and our nation’s increasingly fucked-up place on the world stage.” – Molly Fitzpatrick, Village Voice

“The new JudahWorldChamp special on Netflix is the most original & funny example of the genre I’ve seen in years. Well played sir!” – Craig Ferguson
“Friedlander’s material represents smart political satire in its purest form.” – Rosa Escandon, The Tusk


See Judah Friedlander live on Sunday, June 2. The show starts at 20:00. Click on “Buy My Tickets” for prices. The bar will be buzzing with people from 19:00, so why not come early to enjoy a drink?