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March 6: Stemin

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Stemin presents: ‘Unspoken Dreams’ Release Concert + Afterparty

In Unspoked Dreams, Stemin explores the dissociation of keeping feelings hidden from ourselves and others — and the liberation of speaking them aloud. The album uses dreamy synthesizers, sharp vocal harmonies, and strong synth-bass lines to create a galactic vibe that bounces, soars, and explodes like the birth of a new star. Unspoken Dreams is a musical universe where unspoken desires come to life; where tension and excitement collide with vulnerability; and where a kaleidoscope of love — in all its forms — shines light into darkness.

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“Allowing your inner dreams and desires to see the light is always a struggle, especially in a society that still struggles with tolerance,” said Stemin. “As a queer artist, I want to tell stories about conquering fears, embracing our true selves, and most of all, celebrating queer love. This album is about the insatiable feeling of falling in love and I invite listeners to embrace every complex emotion that comes with that experience.”