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Amsterdam Tango Comedy Show

A story of tango, its colors, its emotions and its states. Unconventional, mercurial, explosive, modern.

This show will tantalize the senses and reveal an unforgettable human story through the dance, music and poetry of an exiled Buenos Aires.

Tango show is a stage where professional brings the skills into the scene with no filters. It is as if you can carry many places at the same time at one spot. From the Balcarce street in Buenos Aires, where all the dinner shows are until that last performance in Tokyo always the Tango has a new skill to show on stage. Last upgraded was the stand-up comedy giving to the show the sense of humour to enjoy even more all that skills and emotion through the passion of this dance musicians, dancers and actor do this show “must be seen.”

Tango Show Upgraded is on Sunday, April 21 at 16:00. Select the date and then click “Book” for prices.