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May 17: Todd Barry (POSTPONED)

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The show on May 17 has been cancelled and will be postponed to a later date due to personal circumstances. We are sorry for the inconvenience. 

Stand-up comedian Todd Barry will perform at Boom Chicago in Amsterdam on May 17! This American comedian has his own style and his calm, deadpan humor will make the room shake with laughter. Ticket sales for this performance will start on Wednesday 15 December at 11 am via Ticketmaster.

Seven years ago Todd Barry was already on stage at Boom Chicago. Then the audience already saw why he is praised by fellow comedians. With his bone-dry, relaxed style he tells smart, sometimes somewhat absurd jokes and witty anecdotes. Todd Barry is a completely unique personality. Moreover, he is a master when it comes to audience participation. Barry can handle any situation due to his years of experience and great sense of humor.

Todd Barry has since released three stand-up comedy specials, the latest of which can be seen on Netflix. In addition, he has frequently appeared in TV series and films such as The Wrestler, Road Trip, Chappelle’s Show, Spin City, Sex and the City and practically all American Late Night talk shows. One of his star roles was that of “the third Conchord”, the bongo-playing third band member in the legendary series Flight of the Concords. He is also the author of the travel book Thanks You For Coming To Hattiesburg.

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