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The Hangover Show

Now at 13:00!

Quick Details

It’s the first New Years in two years! Sleep in and then come out for improv comedy at 13:00! The famous Boom Chicago show with (optional) pizza is the perfect New Years Day Activity!

Sorry New Year resolutions! We’ve got drinks at our hangover show with pizza from The Paradise Bar! Healthy eating and the gym can wait a day!

It’s still Christmas in our Pop Up Cocktail Bar before and after the show. Miracle at Boom Chicago is open until 17:00!

12:00 Bar opens for pre show Christmas cocktails.
13:00 Pizza time
14:00 Showtime
17:00 Bar (unfortunately) closes
General Admission Show without pizza
General Admission Show with pizza
4 for 3 deal Show without pizza
4 for 3 deal Show with pizza
Couch for two with pizza

It’s January 1 and people are hungover, disillusioned and waking up next to strangers in the aftermath of a 4am house party. Shake that off (or invite them) and join us at the Boom Chicago Hangover Show! Join us for top-notch improvisation from the world-famous Amsterdam comedy institution.

Show starts at 20:00 which gives you plenty of time to do nothing all day first.

We have a special combo ticket that includes a delicious pizza from our wonderful neighbors The Paradise Bar. €15 gets you a personal pizza of choice. Low calorie eating and New Year’s resolutions start January 2!

Choose one!

a slice of pizza on a plate
White base pizza with fior di latte mozzarella cheese (a softer version), pomodorini tomatoes, rucola greens, feta cheese, pine nuts, and a touch of basil. Bravisimo!

a pizza sitting on top of a table


San Marzano tomatoes (the best!), fior di latte mozzarella cheese, coppa di parma ham, porcini mushrooms, marinated artichokes, and sprinkled with taggiasca olives from the Rivera di Ponente region.

a pizza sitting on top of a table


Quattro Stagioni
San Marzano tomatoes, fior di latte mozzarella, ventricina spicy salami from Abruzzo, porcini mushrooms, marinated artichokes, and topped with delicious taggiasca olives.


About our partner Paradise Pizza Bar

Paradise Pizza is Boom Chicago’s neighbor on the Rozengracht. It is a staff favorite from their delicious pizza to their cool purple atmosphere! We had to share this pizza experience with you because everyone deserves an amazing pizza when they are hungover (and even when they’re not)!

Before or after the show, get your New Year’s resolutions off on the wrong foot at our pop-up Christmas Cocktail Bar. Can you handle two holidays on the same day?  Miracle at Boom Chicago opens at 16:00 and stays open until we’re done drinking!