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We can’t change the result, but we can make it funnier!

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Lock Him Up

A comedy show about the most important presidential election ever. (This time it’s really true!)

The world is holding its breath for the US election and the media itself is under attack. With the facts fighting against manipulation, mudslinging, memes and fake news, this is the most unusual and exciting political year ever. It might be scary on the outside, but Pep Rosenfeld and Greg Shapiro bring you inside the 2020 presidential race with stand-up and improv comedy, sharp satire and big laughs. Come experience the United States through the eyes of Amsterdam-Americans for Dutch ears (in English).

There are many questions. Can we instill Obama-like enthusiasm for Joe Biden? How many ‘shy Trump voters’ exist who are too embarrassed to tell pollsters they like the guy? And is it appropriate for a white man to play Kamala Harris? Critical questions and humor go hand in hand as Rosenfeld and Shapiro zoom in on the funny and important details. They show the pros and cons of Joe Biden and Donald Trump by explaining, celebrating, insulting and impersonating the candidates.

The comedians will attack the Republican playbook of racism, voter suppression, propaganda and conspiracy theories. They will also roast the Democratic internal battle between ‘woke’ identity politics and uninspiring centrism. Biden is still ahead in the polls, but less so in ‘swing states.’ And let’s not forget what happened to Hillary Clinton: Being in the lead in polls doesn’t mean a damn thing. Between Russian trolls, Chinese hackers, and a slowdown with the U.S Postal Service, anything can still happen. This election could be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The sequel to an audience favorite

Lock Him Up is the welcome follow-up to Boom Chicago’s longest running show, Trump Up the Volume. In addition to working together on those productions, the three creative musketeers are close friends, and have created shows with a focus on current affairs, politics and satire since they were in high school together.