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Luisa Omielan • Road Trip

The U.K. is a hot mess right now, after years of Brexit, lockdowns, and far too much rain. It’s time for a lil’ adventure. She is packing her car and taking a road trip around Europe with her dog Bernie. In search of adventure, purpose and comedy clubs. Every city she visits she is going to put on a show. This is ROAD TRIP.

Luisa Omielan

British comedy star with a Polish passport, Luisa has been performing stand-up since 2008 and in 2012 created her own genre of stand-up comedy with a show called ‘What Would Beyonce Do?!’ The show toured around the world and was performed for over 5 years. Her follow-up show, Am I Right Ladies?! has a Thigh Gap joke that went viral from Melbournes Comedy Gala and has amassed over 50 million views. She changed the game again when she wrote ‘Politics For Bitches’ and was awarded a BAFTA breakthrough and created a BBC series of the same name. In April she will have self-produced her comedy special “God is a Woman.’ Her one-woman stand-up shows have been called ‘genre defining’.